Next Job Interview

Getting a job can really be a stressful experience and even more stressful in the place of unemployment. So having applied to many organizations that align with your chosen field, you finally get called up for an interview. Well, at this point we can say that it is a good stressor. Smiles. However, an interview doesn’t automatically translate into you securing the job but being at this stage means the employer/recruiter has seen something impressive in your C.V or resume and wants a one on one opportunity to find out first hand if his/her assumption was right or wrong.

An interview is usually a time when you are bombarded with a barrage of questions as the employer is trying to find out if you are the right fit for the job. Albeit, this is also a great time to sell yourself well by calmly, carefully, and professionally answering the questions thrown at you, making minced meat of it. And your ability to do this is largely dependent on your level of preparation, as this can either be a deal-breaker or result in a contractual agreement. There are a couple of things you need to do to put yourself technically in the driver’s seat and ensure that you bag the job. And that is what we’d be showing you in this article. Are you ready? I bet you are!

Be Prepared

The importance of this cannot be overemphasized, preparation must meet the opportunity for success to be the end result. And in this case, your preparation plus the interview would land you your dream job. Your preparation includes going through the job description, considering why you are applying as well as preparing thoughtful questions to ask after the interview. Preparation also helps with your composure. Most times, at interviews, people, have the right answer, but they cannot effectively gather their thoughts and give an answer. To avoid this happening to you, you must take out time to prepare.

Preparation entails being able to answer interview questions well while also showcasing that you have the requisite skills needed for the job. For instance, when asked, “tell me about yourself?” This is a time to be original and highlight your skills, not tell the employer what he can see on your C.V. You must understand that an interview is a perfect time to sell yourself. And that you must do well. Now back to the question, one of the best ways to answer this question is by talking about your success, strength, and using it to buttress how it would benefit them in that job scenario.

In talking about your success, you need to highlight previous experiences similar to the current job role you are applying for and your achievements. Also, highlight relevant skillset that you have that are invaluable for the job you are being interviewed for. So you see, being prepared cannot be substituted for anything.

Research About The Organization

This is where so many job seekers shoot themselves in the foot. How do you go to the battlefield without your sword and shield? Since you literally won’t do that, then why would you do so to a supposed ‘battlefield’? I hope you get the point. So before your next interview, find out everything you can about the organization, its values, culture, modus operandi, and much more. Is it a company that is people or task-oriented? Do they prioritize training and development? If possible as well know the salary structure. All this puts you in a good position mentally and gives you the needed artillery.

Knowing the company is not enough, but you must also know what is required of the specific job role you are applying for. Once you know this, you are better able to give specific, tailor-made answers to questions that show the recruiters that you are a perfect fit for the role. Doing diligent research on the organization, understanding your role, organization, and values are a must-do before an interview, and it gives you the edge.

Be In A Good Mental Space

Having effectively-prepared on how to tackle questions and do your research on the organization, the third thing you need to do is to be in a good mental space. As the lack of this can ruin your preparation and research effort. You don’t want to be stressed, perturbed, or disturbed before your interview, else your performance would be affected. You would want to get there an hour before your allotted time, as this would help you be in a more relaxed state. This means you must know and be conversant with the interview area. A good morning workout session or distance running can help clear your head, get your adrenaline all pumping and help your mind relax.

Talking about mind relaxation before the big day, having a cannabis edible a night before the day of your interview can do wonders as regards relaxation. Edibles having the two main compounds of cannabis in them have healing properties that can induce sleep, reduce insomnia, and help you wake up the next day feeling like a champ. It is also now much easier to find out how long marijuana stays in your system.

An edible takes about two hours to have an effect on the user, and its effect typically lasts longer than when smoked. And based on varying levels of metabolism its effect could last up to four hours. For the length of time it stays in the system, this depends on the frequency of usage, body fat, test method, and metabolism. On average, 10 days for an infrequent user and 20- 25 for regular users. To be on the safe side, if you feel such a test might be conducted, take a CBD edible instead.