Almost all little girls have dreamt about their perfect dress and wedding. Try to reconstruct that image in your mind and trace the emotions you experience. Childhood dreams will help tune in to the right mood. If you plan a wedding this year, you’re probably looking for some fresh and interesting ideas to make your wedding as special as possible. Look through our selection of the best trends and ideas that may come in handy for you.

Color Theme

With the popularity of eco-conscious, sustainable weddings, the color theme tends towards natural green, beige, pastel background colors combined with more bright elements. The trendy colors of 2020 include neo mint, pink, cassis (a darker tone of purple), yellow, faded denim, and serene blue. When deciding on a color theme, think first about your location and season. Then choose favorite colors that best reflect a special mood of your wedding.

Decor Elements

This is the year of florists. Flowers will be everywhere, in totally unexpected ways and сombinations: frozen flowers in the ice-cubes, flowers in food, drinks, etc. Among the other trends, we can mention natural materials, spray-painted greens, magical elements (crystals, palo santo, etc.). LED lights installations, unique lighting with pendants, chandeliers will become a key focus of decor.

Video Shooting

There are new challenges for videographers this year. First, they should prepare for colorful arrangements and decor. As floral frames, special effects are in style this year, videographers should be careful with filters to avoid gaudy images. Bespoke lights will pose another challenge for videographers: though the lights create a special ambiance, they can result in shady tones. Another massive trend is HI-tech weddings with the use of drones, GoPro cameras, and other special equipment. So, it’s a photographer’s task to plan equipment and discuss the options beforehand. If you want to get a quality wedding film capturing the best moments of the day, сhoose only professional videographers and editors, like Wedcuts. The guys from Wedcuts have years of experience and can share valuable tips on how to produce the best video footage. They can also help with bad-quality shots, minimize nuances and achieve the best possible outcome. Get even more info about 2020 wedding trends on their website.

Wedding Outfits

In 2020 most brides will choose two dresses: one for the ceremony, another – for the wedding party. Women are abandoning voluminous ensembles and typical princess images, giving preference to simple silhouettes, natural elements, laces, and embroidery. After the royal wedding of Megan and Harry, there’s an increase in demand for simple and elegant models. White color remains the favorite, but more and more brides choose alternatives. Floral dresses, veils, soft pastels, and accessories will dominate in 2020. Grooms also have more choices this year: they don’t have to wear only black suits and more often prefer gray, navy, khaki and even red. As for the brides’ friends dresses, the era of similar color outfits has come to the end. In this situation, the bride’s task will be to choose a single concept so that her friends can choose a silhouette and color that suits best.


One of the 2020 trends is picking out engagement and wedding rings together. As for the ring’s design, сouples will prefer hang-cut diamonds, art-deco, square-shaped stones in style of Jessica Beale’s engagement ring, yellow-gold basis. This trend will take the shine out from classic platinum rings with huge round-shaped diamonds.


The generation that is now getting married is one of the most diverse from the point of different cultures, ethnicities, religions. That is why a modern wedding aims to unite all the guests, create a warm cosmopolitan atmosphere. We hope our tips will help you organize an amazing event to share with people you love.