A powerful content strategy is built with the powerful blog calendar. Usually, there are different types of content calendars; one can find like you can download Printable Yearly Calendar but when it comes to blogging, you must have a blog content calendar particularly. So here we have some handy tips on how to create your own blog content calendar.

There cannot be anything more essential to a content marketing process than the blog content calendar. You can get the hang of massive power of content calendar by admiring the fact that, on WordPress alone, more than 3 million blog posts published every day which is around 117,000 per hour. Isn’t that unbelievable?

Well if you want to be a successful blogger and looking ahead to make your blog popular with most blogs delivered on regular basis then you definitely need a blog content calendar. It’s far more different than the ordinary content calendars and printable calendars.

Why do you need a blog content calendar?

Blog content calendar brings tons of benefits so it would be too tough to talk about all the benefits in just one post. Here I have tried to make it a bit easy for you to get the hang of its major benefits in minimum time.

  • It helps you keep your content consistent
  • Keep your writers and contributors organized
  • Helps you visualize and share your strategy with the team
  • Helps to reduce the content gaps
  • Aid you to foster your creativity
  • Useful to your SEO strategy and so on

How to develop a blog content calendar?

Whether you already have a list of content to be published or you are just to give it a start, each of your content pieces must have a genuine content purpose. Are you creating content to perform it on social channels or to avail a keyword opportunity for the SEO purpose, is it an early stage content or late stage? Do you want to touch the major holidays and industry oriented events in your content?

These are some basic questions you have to ask yourself before owning a blog content calendar. So take out some time and think carefully about how you will map your content to use the available resources. Before now, you must also have a fair understanding of the potential of your content team. Bank up to a big chunk before a quarter or month, then meet your team members and brainstorm your content strategy.

Let’s make it easier

You can easily print your calendar now by easily downloading a blog content calendar template from the trusted source or can either use it by uploading your fresh posts or previously published posts to see how they would look like.

Have a proper keyword research

Keywords are the most important part of your overall blog’s success. The better keywords you use the more reach it will have. If you want to rank on top, make sure that you have done a proper throughout keyword research. Make sure that your keywords are centered on what is most likely to convert readers into customers.

Bring some killer ideas for your blog content calendar

Brainstorm with your team on a monthly or quarterly basis. In order to form a proper schedule, you will have to have content ideas and then write them down. Keeping them floated in mind only won’t bring any result. Choose some topics, share with your content creation team and let them do their work.

Stick to the schedule

Once your schedule is ready then get stuck to it. Work regularly without falling back. Consistency is the key in content creation, so keep that in mind.

Best of Luck!