So many films of vengeance and they never really meet the truth. Which is what happened in Syracuse, NY where a man was arrested for three major felony charges including third-degree rape, a felony; second-degree kidnapping, a felony; second-degree strangulation, a felony; and third-degree assault, a misdemeanor.

37-year-old Anthony R Crawford kept the woman, whom he knew, in his apartment at 1008 N. Townsend St. for 10 days, repeatedly beating her, raping her, and keeping her imprisoned in his bedroom. He would strangle her, punch her in the face and kick her in the ribs. He broke her cell phone and kept her in the bedroom away from any means of communications.

Sgt. Richard Helterline, a Syracuse police spokesman, said that Crawford knew the woman, although they did not have a domestic relationship.

During the time in the apartment, the woman was seen by a Catholic Charities caseworker, but Crawford made sure the doors in the house were closed so the woman could not call out for help. After 10 days the victim managed to escape to St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center and when police found her She was dizzy, with swollen and bleeding eyes, bruising across her face and neck and had trouble breathing after being kicked many times in the ribs.

The victim stated that Crawford raped her every day and even stated at the beginning that “one hand washes the other” relating the beatings to the rape.

Crawford was apprehended and arrested; he was booked into Onondaga County Jail on Tuesday, where he is being held without bail.