Kids have all sorts of birthday parties now. Some want a theme relevant to their favorite superhero, and some want it based on some cartoons that they love. If you want an event managed, event entertainment is the place to look for.

All children and adults love to listen to music and kids, especially, are huge fans of rock-stars. Children go crazy over music related things and have the posters of their favorite rock bands/musicians plastered in their rooms. They play with their guitars and pretend to be the rock-stars in their little world. It is only fair that they would love to have a birthday with a rock-star theme as well. How amazing it would be for the kids, or even adults, to be a rock-star for one day. If you want to have a rock-star themed birthday party, here are some ideas to help you achieve that.


When you are sending out invitations, make them exciting and design them so your guests can instantly know the theme of your birthday. Here are some ideas for developing the invitation cards.

You can cut star-shaped cards and then decorate them with glitter.

You can make a pretend ticket stub to rock concert, in which you are the rock-star!

You can send the invitation with a blow-up guitar or some other musical instrument.

You can cut the cards in the shape of a guitar and add the details on the back of it.


The decorations of the birthday should be well thought out and creative. Choose the colors that you are going to use in your party, for example, black and red or pink and purple. Your whole party and the dress should conform to specific colors. If you want, you can set a dress code where guests also have to dress up as a rock-star. You can draw stars on the sidewalk leading to your house, so your guests can walk in between them and get a rock-star vibe. Get helium balloons in color your party décor is, and tie them around the whole place. You can use streamers made out of crepe paper that match the color of your party. If the party is inside, you can paste cutouts of stars and guitars on the walls and hang cd from the ceilings. Put metallic fringe drapes on the door from which your guests will enter. Use those metallic fringes on the table where your cake is going to be. Because this is a rock-star birthday, music is going to be a must. Pay particular care to the playlist and songs that you are going to play in the party. Choose your favorite songs and also the ones that resonate with the theme.

Activities and games

As your guests are waiting for you to arrive, they are going to need some activities that can keep them busy. You can set up a rock-star photo booth where guests can take their pictures. You can cover the background with metallic fringes and put large cutouts of stars and props including sunglasses, guitars, and mikes. You can make massive cardboard guitars decorated with glitter on them. You can set up a backstage dressing room with all the cosmetics like nail polishes, hair sprays, glitter, etc. you can have a coloring station with the coloring pages being of a rock-star theme.

In any party, games are a must to ensure that your guests have a good time and you can spend some quality time with your friends. There are a couple of ideas for the games that you can organize and that go with the rock-star theme.

Everyone can sit in a circle, and a person can whisper something to the person next to them and so on until the loop completes. This is a way of testing everyone’s ears from the loud music that rock-stars also hear when they are on stage.

You can have a tug of war, with the rope pretending to be a microphone wire.

You can all dance to the music except everyone has to stop when the music stops.

Everyone can play musical chair which is very much like the game mentioned above. Everyone can revolve around chairs that are the same number as the participants minus one, and as the music stops, everyone needs to sit on a chair. The standing person will get eliminated.

Blow up balloons with each guest’s names on it, and tie them with strings on the participant’s ankles. On the signal, everyone has to run around and pop each other’s balloons while saving their own.

You can make your guests look for a star or guitar-shaped piñata.

Cake and food

The cake in a birthday is the main item that stands for the theme of the party, and everyone is excited to see it. You can get a star-shaped rock-star party cake and put a little-decorated CD on top sprinkled with edible glitter. You can make a cake shaped like an instrument such as a guitar or a mike or even get a music cake. If you have a favorite rock-star, you can get a cake celebrating that with their picture on it. For snacks, it is a good idea to get cupcakes decorated with guitars or something that relates to the theme. You can get cookies that are shaped as instruments or headphones. Cookies can be made in the shapes of sunglasses, stars, and sneakers and then decorated with edible glitter.

Party Favors

Your party favors have got give the rock-star vibes. You can use inflatable guitars and toy microphones. Also, you can give the CDs of a party mix that is your favorite. Bracelets tattoos are also a great idea as some people love to have tattoos.

Having a rock-star themed birthday party can be a very easy and creative task if you know how to arrange the decorations and games. You can arrange a rock-star themed birthday party by following these five ideas.

About the Author:

Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes wedding planner. In her free time, she homeschool’s, work-out and loves to listen to live music. Check her blog Green Light Booking.