When it comes to generating traffic for web marketing, most people turn to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and for a good reason. Google processes over 3.5 billion searches every day. So it would be silly not to when just a fraction of those searches translates to thousands of dollars in potential revenue.

Of course, SEO is not the only way to generate traffic to your website. Web marketing has become extremely competitive over the years and businesses can use any advantage that they can get their hands on. One such advantage is the ability to generate additional traffic outside SEO.

So how is it possible to generate a significant amount of traffic without having to rely on Google?

People make use of the web in different ways. While the majority of people do extensively use Google to look up information online, there are other alternatives such as Youtube and major social networks like Facebook that can be just as effective in generating web traffic. Read on to learn more about some alternative ways to increase website visits.

1. Start a Youtube Channel

According to “Statista” – a reputable studies and statistics portal, Youtube has over 1.58 billion users around the world as of 2018 . That number is expected to soar even higher to 1.86 billion by 2021. Those numbers make it the second largest social network second only to that of Facebook as well as the second biggest search channel, after Google.

Given the statistics mentioned above, it would make sense for businesses to start a Youtube channel and allocate even just a bit of their time and resources to generate traffic via the social media network. It’s not as complicated as that of SEO (all you need to do is share videos), but it is not that simple either. For one thing, you would need to be able to create quality video content that appeals to your target market.

Uploading your video creations on Youtube enables you to get your business out in front of users that use the social network like a search engine ( well technically it is, just for videos). You can then set links in the video description that directs users to your website.

2. Social media conversations

Another source that you can use to generate heaps of website traffic is social media, but only if you do it correctly. According to “Sprout Social,” 71% of people are likely to buy a product after a good experience on social networks. This means that there is a golden opportunity for businesses to engage customers on social media and rake in sales.

Consider that when users browse through their newsfeed in a given social network, they are looking for anything that might get their attention. Hence if you can provide social media users with valuable and engaging content, then they are likely to click on your website and yield a significant boost in traffic.

3. Leverage email subscribers

The debate about whether emails are still a valid web marketing strategy has been raging on for quite some time. Many marketers even go so far as to say that the trend of using social media and mobile applications have rendered emails obsolete which is not necessarily the case.

According to the Adobe Blog, email is what exactly consumers want from brands that they are looking to do business with as of 2017. The conclusion was drawn from a recent consumer email survey report which found that 61 percent of the 1000 respondents (US white-collar workers), still preferred email correspondence with businesses.

Of course, partiality is not the only reason why you would want to leverage your email subscribers as a source of additional traffic. For one thing, click through rates are significantly better with an average of around 3.42%. That rate may not seem much but consider that the average click-through rate for Facebook ads is a measly 0.90%. As it turns out, there is a better chance of getting a boost in traffic through email subscribers compared to that of social media users.

4. Guest Posting

Another viable strategy for generating additional traffic to your website is guest posting. While the latter is not anything new, it is a viable source of web traffic that is often overlooked by web marketers much to their discredit.

According to Neil Patel – New York Times Best Selling Author and Top Influencer on the web, around 57% of business bloggers use guest posting as part of their content strategy. Many brands that are considered a big success today have used guest blogging to propel their business onwards. So how does it work?

Simply put, you would want to seek out guest posting opportunities from other websites that are in a similar niche as that of your business but not a direct competitor. The idea is to produce quality content in exchange for links hosted on their website which puts your business in front of more people and generating additional website traffic.

As you can see, none of the traffic sources mentioned above has to do with Google and yet it still possible to produce more visits to your website. Of course, good SEO helps and should be the focus of your attention but do not overlook other traffic sources. The more traffic streams you have in place, the better your opportunities of getting more people to check out what you have to offer.

The sources mentioned above are a few of the alternatives available to you for driving website traffic. There are plenty more, but you can start with these 4 and make good use of the opportunity to diversify your traffic sources. Just be mindful of how your target audience is responding to your strategies. If it does not work with one source, then try another. Eventually, you will find an alternative source of web traffic that works best for your business.

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