A burst pipe or damaged plumbing lines is everyone’s worst nightmare! Besides, the pipe repairing process is another horror story. Conventional pipe repair procedures are not only expensive but also have lengthy project times and cause a lot of inconveniences.

Pipe lining is an appropriate alternative for plumbing or drainage issues. It is an alternate to Repiping, which is the process of installation of new pipes to replace old or out of order pipes. In pipe lining, the pipes are coated from the inside to ensure a long-lasting and maintenance-free solution for leaking plumbing lines.

Listed below are the major reasons for which you should consider pipe lining your plumbing lines:

Cost-Effective Approach

Pipe lining is quite a cost-effective approach as the process involves the usage of an epoxy liner to recoat the interior of the problematic plumbing line. This is quite contrary to the traditional methods of fixing damaged plumbing lines. Since the latter involves extensive digging of the yard or driveway to reach the root cause of the damaged system. The extensive digging of the ground needs a lot of expensive manpower and equipment as well as extensive time. Furthermore, even after the fixing of damaged plumbing systems, the area that has been dig needs to be brought back to its original state which will require more time and money.

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Time Saving Process

Pipe lining is quite a quick approach to fix the issue of leaking lines. The process is relatively very faster than those of repair processes. The expert professionals of the field are efficiently handling these processes within a few hours by using their knowledge and applying their skilled techniques. The final results of pipe lining are coated pipes with an almost brand new condition. Besides, if the problem area is identified then the becomes quicker as the coating is only done on the area where it is required and thus, time and money both are saved!

Pipe Lining is an Eco-Friendly Choice

If you opt for pipe relining as a correcting approach for damaged or leaking lines rather than other pipe repairing or replacement methods, then you don’t only get to save enough time but you also contribute towards the betterment of the environment. You save your lawn or garden from unnecessary damage that would be caused due to digging and consequently preserves nature, save a lot of water and also protect the land. Besides, when there would be no digging and no pipe replacement, there would be no waste and no hassle of discarding stuff!

Furthermore, the coating approach also helps in the prevention of chemicals leaking into your drinking water and underground water. So, let’s save our precious time, money, and our environment!

Less Intrusive

Another significant aspect of this approach is that it is less intrusive and causes less damage to the landscaping. The process involves either no digging or minimal digging and thus prevent the need for a total revamp. Whereas, the conventional repair process involves using a backhoe to dig very long and deep trenches in the backyard while in some cases, it might need digging even beyond the property line or in the city. Then after the repair, those holes or dugs need to be refilled again.

Pipe lining is a simple process! Firstly, the host pipelines are cleaned with the rooter machine, then a piece of specific camera equipment is used to detect whether the pipe can receive lining or not, then the identified spot is exposed by minimal digging which is then finally followed by the insertion of lining material. In this way, the damage is “Cured in Place”!

A Long-Term Solution

If you are resisting to replace the pipes of your old plumbing system because even the new pipes eventually start leaking out, then you need to find a long-lasting solution for your troubled plumbing system. Without any doubt, pipe lining is a permanent solution for your leaking plumbing lines. This method makes your plumbing lines to last up to several years without any leaking issue. It is quite similar to the replacement process but with better materials.

Getting pipe lining of your plumbing lines is a great option for all the right reasons. The best thing about it is it sorts things for you for a long time!