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With the new trends in multifunctional furniture, it is no wonder that there are more sofa sleepers available in more designs and styles than ever before. You can even get a sectional with a pull-out sleeper, or modular sofas that can be arranged in whatever shape or size you wish. Sofa sleepers can cost a bit more than your average sofa, but they give you some amazing versatility that you never knew you needed.

While sofa sleepers were once one of the most expensive couch designs to buy, today they are very affordable. Pull-out beds are becoming more of a standard with each passing year and for good reason. If you have ever had someone sleep on your couch, you could use a full sofa sleeper.

If you’re still not sure that you would use a sofa sleeper, consider these common situations in which you might have overnight guests.

  1. Family movie night – One of the best, and most affordable ways families have been spending time together for the last 30 years is to have a family movie night. Pick a kids’ movie, a family movie, and an adult movie. By the end of the family movie, your kids can be safely asleep on the pull-out sofa. You don’t need to worry about moving them when your movie is over and it’s time to go to bed.
  2. Date night in – Staying in for date nights is more common than ever before, especially since the pandemic. Staying in is simply more affordable, while also offering additional privacy and relaxation. Not having to deal with interrupting servers or excessive background noise is a real advantage when you’re really trying to get to know someone.
    Even if you are married or have been in a relationship for a long time, it is still important to have date nights. “Netflix and chill” isn’t just for teenagers and young adults. It’s the preferred date night for all types of couples across the world.
  3. Unexpected overnight guests – You never know when a friend or family member might be in need of a safe place to stay for the night. There are a lot of situations that could lead to such, even as simple as having a flat tire and being unable to do anything about it until the next day. It could also be something as serious as a family emergency that brings in out-of-town relatives.
    Whatever the reason might be, a full sofa sleeper is the best option for overnight guests at any time. It’s always nice to be able to say, “you can stay with us,” instead of, “I wish I had the room.”
  4. Contain the children while the adults play – Adult and couple game nights are once again all the rage, with a wide range of board and card games coming available almost every day. Whether you like to play board games, strategy card games, or old fashioned games of Dungeons and Dragons, a pull out sofa will keep the kids corralled in front of the television where they can pass out where they lay and be collected at the end of the night or the next morning.
  5. Slumber parties aren’t just for kids – Putting a full sleeper sofa in your family room or playroom is of the most benefit for sleepovers of any kind. While it is a common request for children to have their friends sleepover, there is nothing wrong with mom, dad, or both and their friends having their own slumber party. Stay up all night, listen to music, and pretend you’re kids again. You’ll be thankful for that sleeper sofa pretty fast.
  6. Rent out a guest bedroom – If you have a guest bedroom or guest house that is not in use, a popular option today is to rent out the room to vacationers or single individuals new to the area or otherwise in transition. Especially if you plan to post your room rental on a site like Airbnb, you’ll be able to charge more with each bed you add to the room.
    Another thing to think about is that a guest room with its own exterior egress is a great option for a single woman or college student. If you want to rent this space out as a studio, furnish a bare-bones kitchenette and a full sleeper sofa instead of a bed. It gives your tenants more space to work with.
  7. Distancing within the household – Even when someone just has the flu, it’s a good idea for sick household members to keep to themselves until they are well. Since the onset of the pandemic, experts are highly encouraging household members with covid 19 to be isolated from other household members that are as of yet free of the virus.
    The problem with that comes with the fact that many households have at least one shared bedroom. Presumably, the parents will share a bedroom, and children of a certain age or of the same sex may also be sharing a room. Where do you put the other occupant while the sick person is being isolated? This is going to be an important way that you can use a sofa sleeper in the current crisis.
  8. Visiting older children – If you have adult children who have already moved out or gone off to college, you probably don’t want to keep their old room sitting around empty. At the same time, you don’t want your adult kids to have to stay in a hotel or on an air mattress. If you want to take over their room to use for a younger child still at home, a hobby room, or any other purpose, maintain a way for your other children to visit with sofa sleepers throughout your home.

When it comes to versatile, modular, multifunctional furniture, you can’t go wrong with a full sofa sleeper from an online furniture store.