If you are lucky and have already found your second half, you probably would want to spend most of your time with them. The best way to actualize and maximalize this idea is by living together.

Prices for rents in New York City are not cheap, and most young couples are not just ready yet. But here is a not-so-expensive method to try—hiring a shared room fit for a couple in apartments in New York City.

Shared living is growing in popularity, even for couples.

How does shared living for couples look like? To get a mental picture, you can see it in the top-rated series, “How I met your mother” or “Friends.” Yes, how pretty fun a shared room is to be used in those TV shows.

In real life, it can be a little bit different, but it is still enjoyable and also an excellent opportunity for couples to save some money for their own apartment.

Of course, the main aim is to find a coliver with most of the same interests as yours, so it can both be ideal and productive to both parties.

For some couples, shared apartments have become a lifestyle, and they live this way for years, even with enough money to rent the whole apartment just for themselves. If you’ve found great colivers, no doubt, especially if the rules of common space are set right, and everybody follows them correctly. We prepared an article on that for you. You can read about Coliving etiquette here.

Married or just live-in couples can share in a lot of apartments, and there are plenty of offers, especially in New York City. For example, there is a spike in the offer volume for couples’ shared apartments in Brooklyn, NYC.

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What are the main advantages of a couple’s shared coliving?

  • Couples can save a lot of money because coliving is cheaper than renting the whole apartment.
  • They can meet long and lifetime friends.
  • They can try to live together in one room, but use the whole apartment as their own.
  • They also spend a lot of time together.
  • It can be fun if you find a great coliver with similar interests, as it can increase your effectiveness at work, in school or art, etc.
  • You don’t need to sign a long-term contract, but you can try it just for a short time and see how everything will go.

What are the main disadvantages of a couple’s shared coliving?

  • If you or your colivers don’t follow the rules, it can be a serious problem.
  • If you as a couple are too noisy (for instance, in the evening), that could be pretty bad for your colivers.
  • You have one room and must share the rest of the apartment with somebody else, but this isn’t certainly a disadvantage.

There are a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages. Still, young married couples with this type of shared living enjoy more benefits because they can learn to live together and save money.

Especially in New York City, procuring the rent for your own place is a callous process, because a deposit is always demanded from you, and it is not cheap. As couples, you need to be smart and move ahead, not only in NYC. Coliving or sharing an apartment with some other couples or people is a great opportunity for testing the location, type of the apartments available, types of furniture, style of living, etc.

The bonus is that there are a lot of opportunities for couples shared living online. It is very simple and not too binding. And as a plus, the couple is more indulged, because they live more in their own fairy tale and don’t interfere with the lives of other roommates or colivers. If you are a couple and want to have a piece of your own world, this is definitely a great choice for you. Don’t hesitate to try it. It is easy.