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To formulate predictions today, a lot of data, information, and insight are needed so bettors can use this information to make the most informed decisions when it comes to betting. So, as a crypto investor that’s looking to learn something new or wanting to expand your knowledge, you may be wondering what books you can purchase to feed your curiosity to know more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. 

Thankfully, the internet has made it possible to connect us all to well-written books that work towards expanding all levels of financial understanding for beginners and experts.

“The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains”

This read is by Antony Lewis, and, here, he provides readers with a perfect introduction to what cryptocurrency is and helps readers understand why various cryptocurrencies have value. You can enjoy the much-needed history of money and also get a detailed understanding of how banking systems came to be and how they operate. 

Apart from crypto knowledge, he also expands on blockchain basics in a way that any inexperienced beginner would understand and includes information on:

  • What a blockchain is
  • How blockchains work
  • Why blockchains are important

As you read along, you’ll also get to read about leading blockchain platforms, considerations to know about before buying cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts. You’ll also find a section on how to identify scams, what crypto investments to look out for, the best cryptocurrency exchanges, what digital wallets are, and the regulations behind cryptocurrency investments. 

Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain, 2nd Edition

This read is by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, and it’s a technical crypto book providing knowledge on how to participate in the internet of money. Because of this book, Andreas Antonopoulos is regarded as one of the leading experts in Bitcoin and open blockchain. 

According to research, he’s founded 3 Bitcoin businesses and presently serves on several Bitcoin startup advisory boards. 

With the book, readers can expect to be provided with a clear description of how Bitcoin is directed toward investors, novice users, and business executives. Another section of the book worth reading is the part on the working of cryptos for engineers, software architects, systems, and developers.

“Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps”

This read is by Daniel Drescher, and he’s a qualified veteran banking professional that offers readers a simple approach to describing blockchain technology in 25 easy steps without needing to learn any crypto jargon, mathematical formulas, or program codes. 

In this book, he shares and discusses the importance of big data, machine learning, and automation that exists in electronic security trading. He also goes in-depth in explaining the potential impact that blockchain technology could have on the financial system. 

Readers can expect to gain a lot of insight from this book, especially in understanding why blockchain technology is needed and where exactly its function is in serving and solving problems. The book is said to have many positive reviews relating to explanations of the technical aspects of blockchains and the role they play in business-relevant applications. 

“Bitcoin Billionaires”

This read is by Ben Mezrich, and it tells the story of the Winklevoss twins that had a Facebook stock incident to settle with Mark Zuckerberg, as well as their place in crypto history. 

In this time, the author goes on to explain how the twins unsuccessfully managed to become venture capitalists before learning about cryptocurrency. But, it was in November 2017 that the twins became the first Bitcoin billionaires. 

In the book, you’ll find a lot of light-hearted conversation simply teaching readers about what was actually happening in the early days of crypto and what lessons you can learn from the shared experiences. 

“The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything”

This read is by Michael Casey and Paul Vigna, and all they do is explain the potential behind blockchains so readers can restore the control they have over identities, assets, and data. Here, they highlight points surrounding how banks have grown to become entrenched and larger and how privacy is non-existent because fraud is a fact of life. 

The authors aim to revolutionize this understanding and build a new kind of operating system that will make economies more efficient and make lives easier.