Cars provide us with the freedom to travel, to express ourselves in some ways, and to feel free. It’s not tough to understand why everyone loves their car. You must have even given your car a name. Haven’t you? Every car has a personality. Some give you great thrills, and some are a little rebellious. But what happens if your car meets with an accident? You know how you would feel. It’s a nightmare just thinking about it

The good news? Well, you can protect your beauty and control the expenses you might incur if there is any damage or loss. Insure your car to reduce the financial stress accompanying any accident or theft. So, when you plan on buying car insurance, use a car insurance calculator first to compare amongst the various plans available and choose the best one.

If you have a car, old or new, that you do not have insurance for, let us help you understand why it is an absolute necessity:

Be Prepared for The Consequence

In case of an unexpected event, car insurance keeps you financially covered. It compensates for the expenses that you incur for damage repairs and from theft. Getting car insurance is as crucial as having a valid license, without it, you can end up paying costly charges. The following things are reasons enough to get car insurance now:

Loss of No Claim Bonus

If you are a careful driver and do not take any claims, you get a discount on the next premium for the consecutive year. NCB (No Claim Bonus) discount can get transferred to a new vehicle. It’s a reward for being a cautious driver. Check through an online car insurance calculator to see the amount of premium you need to pay for your car insurance and purchase car insurance so that you don’t lose out on NCB discounts.

Hefty Penalties

In India, driving a vehicle without third-party insurance is illegal and results in payment of hefty penalties. Interestingly, if you get caught once, the penalty amount you pay is higher than the premium cost of the whole year. The scary part? You can face imprisonment of up to three months. Avoid such charges and get car insurance after carefully comparing different insurances using a car insurance calculator.

Confiscation of driving license and Suspension of vehicle registration

As per the WHO Global Report on Road Safety, India accounts for 11% of accident-related deaths in the world. The rise in the number of road accidents has led to stricter rules and regulations. In the absence of valid car insurance, enforcement agencies can confiscate your car and driving license. They are also authorized to suspend your vehicle registration. Avoid such situations by assessing the cost of premium using a car insurance calculator and buy one. Better be safe than sorry.

Third-Party Liabilities

In case of an accident, if another person or property gets harmed, you are liable to pay for that loss. Car insurance covers that for you. We hope not, but if the accident led to someone’s death, without valid car insurance, your liability for compensation would be much higher. Use a car insurance calculator and get an idea about your premium. Avoid unnecessary stress and get your car insured today.

Uncertainties come knocking anytime, and it is better to be prepared. Don’t ignore the importance of car insurance. Many insurance companies sell car insurance at different rates. Do thorough research on different rates using a car insurance calculator before you decide on a coverage plan. Tata AIG General Insurance company is one such insurer that is reputable and can be trusted when it comes to purchasing a car insurance plan. Also, Tata AIG Car Insurance reviews can help you make a sound, well-informed decision.