Do you have a YouTube channel and wonder how to increase YouTube video views?

If your answer is yes, read on how YouTube videos can be promoted.

The truth is that it does not matter how long you spend in making your videos; because unless you sell and promote your videos, most of your audience will never see your work. It’s like throwing a big party, but no one knows when the party will take place.

And now’s the time to become one of the YouTubers which everyone sees.

The production of YouTube videos is an art for all to learn with a little discipline. Within this guide, there are approaches and techniques to market your YouTube videos and promote them. Such tips are checked, verified, and worked with nearly every niche video. Use this blog as an inspection list to follow when your videos are made.

1) Video description:

Your videos’ titles are a determining factor in being widely distributed and posted over the Internet or only having a few views. The titles of your videos play an important role in deciding whether they are viewed and posted online or earn just a few views.

It is a good idea to do careful research on YouTube keywords to see what people are searching for and create a fantastic title around it.

Also, you can easily make your film out of your pictures and videos using Windows Movie Maker. Animations and effects can be added between images and videos. Customize your video music and edit them. Use the internet or the DVD for publishing your videos. Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista compatible. Vista. There is much alternative software also for creating and editing pictures and making movies.

2) Activate SEO for your YouTube Channel:

This is not as complex as standard SEO (optimization of the search engine). It’s not as time-consuming as having Google’s website atop. Just like search Google, YouTube has its algorithm for the quest.

Bring it to YouTube without adding any extra costs to support YouTube videos on your website.

The algorithm classifies videos automatically. This decides which videos are shown to which people sign up or make a request. To rank high on YouTube, apply basic strategies.

It gives you a solid leg, realizing that SEO matters on YouTube. Videos are downloaded on most networks, and there is hope for the future. With SEO, your target audience will view your videos.

SEO your website and your YouTube channel before you promote YouTube videos in some other way.

3) Using the 500 character limit for video tags:

One of the big errors that prevent the growth of organic promotion for your YouTube video is the incorrect use of tags.

YouTube tagging functions differently from a blog post. Now is a great time to start, if you’ve never paid attention to YouTube tags. You can also delete all your old marks and restore them.

Some rules for YouTube video tags are as follows:

  • Use a special markup to show your videos in related media. Ex: In all videos, use your brand name. (Look at the screenshot below.)
  • Using the video tag for your keywords.
  • Using a keyword variation as a tag (take advantage of a self-suggestion feature of YouTube).
  • Find the tags in your video and use the tags in your ranking. To recognise tags used by others, you can use the TubeBuddy Chrome extension.

4) Using a custom YouTube thumbnail:

Customized thumbnail functionality can be used by confirmed YouTube accounts. A good video view allows you to highlight the related video and video segment. You can transform your video into an art piece with a simple drag & drop interface and powerful editing tools with YouTube Video Editor.

Some tips for thumbnails are available here:

  • Get 1280 x 720 resolution (with 640 pixels minimum width).
  • Upload in .JPG, .GIF or .BMP or .PNG
  • Maintain it in 2 MB.
  • Seek to use a 16:9 aspect ratio, since it is the most widely used on YouTube videos.

But you must know this, to make the thumbnail works on the desktops as well as mobile devices. I don’t want to confuse you.

Thumbmaker can be used to create a video in minutes for YouTube users.

Make sure that the new YouTube thumbnail norm is followed:

  • Get resolution 1280 pixels (640 pixels minimum width).
  • Font less than 2 MB.
  • The 16:9 aspect ratio is most effective.
  • In the thumbnail, use your picture to emotionalize.

5) Social Media Channels Share Videos:

You will have social media resources for your YouTube channel if you are a video blogger. This gives you a chance to build a group from other popular social media / social networking sites beyond YouTube and direct traffic. Those are the following:

Here are the places where you can share and promote your YouTube videos-

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram.
  • Pinterest.

For scheduling your videos for sharing on your social media platforms, you can use a platform like SocialPilot.

Below is a key tip:

Post your video any time after a regular interval.

6) Use of Intro and Outro video:

There are a few things to be done from now on that ensures that every video stands out. A branded intro and outro is one of these things.

  • YouTube: A 3-5 second clip to show your brand at the beginning.
  • YouTube outro: It’s working and can be as simple as showing your channel related videos or asking users to like & subscribe to your videos.

7) Launch Blog for your Channel:

You shouldn’t skip the development of a blog for your YouTube videos if you are a YouTuber full-time. Today, you can embed YouTube videos on a blog & launch a blog easily.

I recommend you create a blog and use a video-specific WordPress theme. You ‘d better be able to use Managed WordPress Hosting if you’re making money from YouTube already so that you can’t be bothered with maintaining the blog.

8) Influencers in your niche interview:

This is not a YouTube direct video promotion technique that boosts your channel and blends perfectly into your overall channel promotion strategy.

You will meet an influencer and have access to your market, which is already prosperous. It is not just you who are watching this special influencer but also the industry as a whole that should take notice.

Within your niche, you will find the most influential people and interview them with Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype. You may use a call recorder for Skype, such as Ecamm.

9) Promote and share your YouTube videos:

Okay, here are some basic advertising tactics and techniques that can be used for your YouTube videos from today.

Such tricks and tips will help you get even more traffic and eventually more subscribers to YouTube.

Finally, after you hit the ‘publish ‘ button, it is your turn that you share how you promote videos on YouTube. Let me listen to your promotional tactics! I’ll continue to update this article with all of the best feedback.