Most Wanted Gifts


Often the hardest thing to buy is that gift for the people closest to you. Your partner, your children, your parents. Here we have tried to select a variety of gifts that anyone would be happy to receive.


With so many gadgets going digital there are many gifts to choose from. Older children and young adults would love to receive the latest Smartphone, tablet or laptop. These devices do so much more now than what they used to do.

Memory Cards or Pendrives are the great gift for professional peoples who work in computer field. It helps them to store their valuable memory in safest place. Even if they have DSLRs or other storage device, they always look for something that is portable and handy. You can also gift them micro sd card for android phones that will be a perfect gift for the smartphone with expandable storage.

Tablets can be used for the latest games, storing photos and music and streaming movies and TV shows. The Kindle Fire HD allows you to read books and watch movies or a standard Kindle is great for the avid reader. Some models are able to store upwards of 3,000 books. There are so many free eBooks available you won’t have time to read them all.

Smartphone’s can be a great gift or the jogger or athlete in the family. They can listen to music or podcasts while out running or training for added motivation or just to catch up on talking books and things of interest.

Latest smart TVs allow you to stream different shows available on Netflix and other streaming applications. You can also binge watch your favorite TV show.

Laptops are great gifts for young people entering university or college. They are lightweight with heaps of memory and applications that will save all their work and provide entertainment in downtime’s.

Digital cameras are always a welcome gift. Most people love taking family photos and it could be an introduction to an older child of a new hobby. The prices have come down and even the cheaper cameras take quality photos.

IPods are definitely the go to gift for young people who love listening to music. They can have their music in one place and create playlists and the earphones mean you don’t have to listen to their music.

Movies and Television shows

Everyone has a favourite movie, TV show or actor they love to watch. With everything from the cinemas and TV coming to DVD there is so much to choose from. For the little kids there are there favourite cartoons and TV shows with lots of movie franchises for young and old. There are some great documentary series and even how to DVDs for do it yourself enthusiast. The latest box office hit is taking less time to appear on DVD even the old TV shows from the 1960s, 70s and 80s and appearing on DVD for us to own.

Gifts they can build

Brick building

Children of all ages, even grown up ones love to build things and Lego has become the iconic name in brick building. With bigger blocks for the younger ones to the traditional size for older kids and adults. There are scenes from their favorite movies, character from film franchises and lots more to choose from. There are large kits right down to kits with just a few pieces. You will find a kit for just about anybody.

Look for model airplanes or cars for the flying and driving enthusiast. Some even come with engines and are remote controlled.

Diamond painting

If your kids enjoy detail work and bling, this craft might be for them. Similar to paint-by-numbers, diamond painting (or 5D, as it is sometimes called) uses tiny round or square rhinestones on adhesive to create a glittering picture. Even if your children never did this they might love it. Can also be a great gift for adult crafters.

Fragrance gifts for him and her

We all like to smell nice and there is a large range of both men’s and women’s fragrances available. Try to find the preference of the person first. Do they like citrus scents or florals, musky or spicy scents? Some fragrances come in a range of products from soap and talc to perfume and body lotion.

For the teenager or older child introduce them to body sprays and deodorants so they are not embarrassed at school. Most little girls love smelly soaps and creams to pretend being grown up.

Money and gift cards

For the relative you don’t see very often but still like to spoil at birthday and Christmas cash or a gift card from a local store is a great idea. People have such diverse interests it is a good idea to give them money so they can get something they really like.

If you want to buy them clothes and don’t know the size or what they love to wear a store gift card is a good idea. It takes all the guess work out of choosing the right size, color and style.

Gift cards are available for streaming companies, game applications, holidays, movies, just about anything. Some online companies that offer short holidays or adventures like ballooning even have gift cards. They can also be bought online and then sent to the recipient from the provider.

Gifts to keep them active

With all of the technology available today there are still the gifts that kids love to get that will have them outside playing for hours. From lacrosse sticks to a pushbike, skateboard, scooter, or even the latest hoverboard, there are many outdoor toys to keep them busy.”.

Balls of all shapes and sizes are loved by kids of all ages. Little kids love to play and it teaches motor skills as well as being lots of fun. World cups in sports always have that sport as the current trend from cricket and baseball to soccer and rugby. Kids like to act out as their favorite player and the neighborhood kids can get together and be their favorite sporting team.

For Mum and Dad

What about spoiling your parents with a holiday package to a place they have always wanted to visit. Whether it is the country of their ancestors or just a favorite place they have seen on TV or in the movies it would be a very welcome gift.

There are some great sales on flights or cruises during the year so it can be just a surprise gift saying, “Thanks for all you have done for us”. It could be a family holiday with brothers and sisters, parents all getting together from faraway places.


Not everyone likes to read a book on a tablet or Kindle. A lot of people love the feel of a book, how it smells and the turning over of every page as the story evolves. Books make a great gift for little children; they love to look at pictures and places. The older child likes to read about a favorite character in a book series as does the adult who has a favorite author.