Think for a moment how many special occasions a man gets to wear something representative of a special moment. There are not many moments where a man can wear something that signals the importance of something good happening on their lives, something that allows them to express their stance or how special it is that’s going down for them on a key moment. Unlike women who have traditional pieces of apparel for weddings, sweet sixteens’ and other occasions, men usually get to wear their best suit and a few accessories to mark the importance of the event. This is why a watch plays such a crucial role in the final setup of their wardrobe.

The Importance of a Watch for Men

A watch is a quintessential accessory for men who want to look their best on a defining moment. Is the best gift offered by proud parents on graduation days, is the token of appreciation offered to veterans working on public forces when they finally retire from service? It’s also a gift offered by a bride to be to her groom just before their wedding, just in the same fashion she’s offered a ring to mark their commitment to each other. The significance of the watch has a great deal of symbolism behind it. If the right watch is offered under the right terms, it becomes something that goes beyond a simple accessory. It will become a part of your family history and something that will be passed down for future generations carrying on your name.

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A Watch as a Legacy Piece

Having a fine watch that becomes a part of your namesake and legacy requires choosing the right one when it counts. The choice should not be based only on the terms of lasting quality. The level of craftsmanship that goes into the watch should also be involved. After all, you are looking for something that you can pass down in the long run and is required to work until the end of time. Ambassador Men’s Watches can offer that and more if you are looking for a long-lasting accessory that will mark your time with accuracy. It will also remind you of that very special moment if it’s offered to you as a present. Their custom-made Heritage line of watches is designed with a unique setting and a modern conceptualized take that reminds you of simpler times while getting your mindset placed into the future.

Ambassador Line and their Take on Timelines

Ambassador is currently one of the few companies offering high-end watches by following a strict selling policy that favors the consumer at every stage. All the watches available on the Heritage line have free shipping around the world. Every single one is covered by a 3-year warranty, and if the customer is not satisfied, they can place a return before 60 days after making their purchase. The main offerings on the Ambassador website are the 1863 model, 1921, and 1959. All of them presented with leather straps or metal mesh. Each one of them follows traditional designs that have been passed down from time to present while including customary Japanese quartz movement to make time precision the best feature of these watches.

The Technology behind the Ambassador Watches

Before dwelling into the exclusive features of each design, we can take a moment to talk about the Japanese Quartz Movement found on all of the Ambassador models, being this one the sole mechanical feature shared between all of them. There is a special reason for that: the precision mechanism works using a crystal oscillator that gives a continuous sense of motion to each one of the handles on the watch, meaning that once set on a time numbering they will neither get ahead, nor they will be left behind time. The continuous motion of the handle recording the seconds will keep the watch giving the precise time at all moments. It’s one of the strongest selling points of this line and technology that very few consider for watches.

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The Technical Aspects of the Ambassador Line

When it comes to technical aspects, there are some features shared among the Heritage line that makes all of them state-of-the-art pieces of technology, such as the 40mm polished case with rose gold finishes, or the 316-L stainless steel used to manufacture them to make them last for a lifetime. All of them come equipped with original Miyota equipment to make the oscillator work properly, Sapphire crystals to make them look presentable at all moments, a clean layer of glass and the ability to withstand 30 meters deep in water. That is where all similarities among the line end. From here on each watch oozes personality on their own, and one of them will surely go along with you.

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A Brief Rundown on the Features of the Heritage Line

The first model to stand out in the Ambassador line is the Heritage 1863. The watch is a direct conversion of the classic pocket watch available in the 1860 decade into a wristwatch. These types of watches were reserved for high profile members of society, however, as watches grew more popular globally and demanded increased, it became a less expensive model. The classic design follows the pattern established in the year 1863 when roman numerals became customary on each watch, along with elongated handles. The case and the crystal covering offer the watch a sturdy look based more on delivering efficiency as well as a sober beauty. The watch is presented in black and gold finishes, and it can be offered using leather straps colored on black or brown, as well as metal meshes for a high-end look.

The second model offered in the Ambassador line is the Heritage 1921. This model follows a strict minimalistic design that goes along the standards set in the 1920 decade when wristwatches became a fashionable accessory whose norm of function was to show more using less. The watch loses the roman numerals and the heavy ornaments that might make the piece stand out in favor of a more delicate look based on points and single lines. The interface has little to no ornaments, making this one of the cleanest watches in the Ambassador line and one of the classiest offerings made by the company. The watch comes presented in the silver lining with a flat sapphire glass case that subtly meshes with your suit. It comes presented on black or brown leather straps as well as silver metal mesh.

The final model offered in the Ambassador line is the Heritage 1959. A design based on the trends that were still being assimilated just before a new decade began. The mid-century wristwatch represents the last remains of a classic time merged with a brand new take for the more liberal times that were about to be unleashed to the world. With an endless set of circles coming from the center of the handles and expanding to the golden frame, the watch let us know what time it’s endless and a brand new day comes each time the baton hands reach the “A”. The minimal markings protected by the clear glass protection make this one of the most modern offerings of the Ambassador line that manages to retain a vintage feel still. Like the other model, you choose to have it with black or brown leather straps or with golden metal mesh

Choosing the right watch is not that difficult. It all comes down to what you think it feels right for you, no matter your choices. Ambassador’s watches for men have something that will be fitted to you and that will be lasting for a long time.