With the increasing Global Warming, everybody is looking towards the means to prevent pollution and combat the challenges posed by the pollutants on living beings. It is time that there should be a way to control the emission of polluted air into the atmosphere and on human life.

We, human beings run a lot for bread and butter. We either intentionally or unintentionally for the sake of our earnings and comfort are disturbing the environmental balance. Thus, as a result of which, today, we are struggling to have the pure air around us. The air that we inhale is full of impurities and chemical toxin that could spoil our internal body and have ill-effects at the skin as well. To help us breathe fresh and pure Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd. has come up with the initiative named as Air Concept. Following the ISO 9001 standards and global design standards like ASME, DIN, BS standards they are into the manufacturing of air purifiers for homes and offices.

 So Let Us Understand What Exactly Is Air Purifier?

Air that we breathe has many pollutants that cannot be seen through the naked eye. The bacteria in the air are responsible for cold and influenza while industrial odor can cause irritation and health risks. PMO.3 is said to be a type of particulate matter that is 0.3 micron. They enter the lungs and causes health hazards. Often pollens are responsible for asthma aggravation. VOC, known as the volatile organic compound is largely grown in chemical industries and its nearby areas that affect the health adversely. Where there are industries there ought to be smoke, dust, radon that can lead to serious diseases like cancer. Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd has therefore thought of the air purifiers that can help to eradicate the air pollution and its effects on the living things and atmosphere.

Air Concept’s Air Purifiers are from the makers of Filtration Concept pioneers. It is intelligently designed with a multi-stage air concept technology that can be used indoors for healthy air breathing. The Air Concept typically uses seven layers of protection to weed out the elements causing air pollution to be it the smoke, varnish smell, VOCs or any other particulate that can bother the environment as a whole due to the industrial activities.

The Air Purifier uses advanced technology, and after several tests and amendments, it is regarded as an efficient means of filtration to distribute pure air to the offices, warehouses, gym, homes, etc. with a closed environment.

The Question Is, Can Air Filter Do Some Magic?

Magic! It is perhaps as the Air Concept has started witnessing the changes in the domestic indoor air quality. Can this multi-stage Air Purifier bring in the change in the environment?

There is a presence of toxic gases like SOx, NOx, and H2S that has created worse effects on the envelope of air. Inhalation of such gases has given rise to breathing problems, cardiovascular diseases, COPD and more. When it comes to usage of Air Filters from an industrial point of view or a place where there is the high emission of these gases, the technology uses 10 layers of filters that ensure to destroy the toxic gases 100% from the indoor environment. One can easily breathe fresh air by installing the Air Concept’s Air Purifier.

The underline mission of Air Purifier is to remove 100% of Air Pollutants that are present in the sub-stratosphere. There are several types of the Air Purifier according to the needs and requirements of the indoor environment. By selecting your type of Air Purifier, within minutes of switching on the purifier, the effectiveness can be seen immediately. The air in the room contains no gases or particulates, bacteria or virus that can affect the human health largely.

Advantages of Air Purifier:

  • Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd after pioneering the filtration industries has extended its expertise towards air filtration process and its concept. The process of Air Purifier starts with pre-filter process. Under this process, the biggest particulates such as dust or pet dander or any other allergens are captured by Pre-filter. By undergoing the pre-filter process, it protects the HEPA Filter from clogging.
  • The cold catalyst, that deals with gases like formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases and decomposes them to water and carbon dioxide.
  • The activated carbon filter works on the concept of adsorption. It absorbs the air pollutants that are 60% of its weight.
  • The anti-bacterial filter removes the bacteria from the air that is often emitted from Air Conditioning systems or ventilation, outdoor environment or plumbing systems, plants, molds, etc.
  • It is the HEPA Filtration that offers filtration up to 0.01 micron. It is during this process of filtration that removes dust, bacteria, allergens, etc.

In a nutshell, it is only when you get the best hands on Air Purifier Manufacturer that you are sure to get fresh air to breathe and contribute towards a healthy living atmosphere.