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The belief that God created the universe according to a geometric plan has ancient origins. In sacred geometry, specific geometric proportions and shapes have corresponding sacred meanings.

Moreover, like tattoos, the purpose of sacred geometry is to provide an external representation of powerful, yet subtle internal spiritual truths and transcendent states of being.

Check out some of these geometrical tattoo ideas based on the four volumes of sacred geometry.
Volume One

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life was considered holy in ancient times because information about the pattern and its representation was not disclosed to everyone. Knowledge about the flower of life was kept so secret that people were killed for it.

Many people believe that by studying the flower of life, the secrets of time and space could be unlocked. This pattern also represents the creation of all life in the universe.

Seed of Life

The Seed of Life is an ancient symbol which consists of seven overlapping circles. The emblem depicts the seven days of creation and is also considered the universal symbol of creation.

Each circle of the symbol fits into the pattern like a jigsaw puzzle which forms a dynamic field of possible geometric relationships that reveal the most fundamental shapes of Creation.


The symbol is a solid figure with twenty plane faces, especially equilateral triangular ones.

The Icosahedron is an ancient symbol which symbolizes water that represents change or ‘going with the current.’

Metatron’s Cube

The geometric figure, Metatron’s Cube, is consisted of 13 proportionate circles that each has corresponding lines from its center which extends out to the center of the other 12 circles.

Aside from its significance in geometry and religion, the cube is also a potent symbol of protection which has the power to keep demons and other unwanted influences away.


The Hexagram is known as the Star of David in Judaism. It is associated with the Biblical Solomon and is made with two overlapping triangles which represent “Male” and “Female.”

The Hexagon is the seal of Solomon & represents the Divine Union of Man & Woman in the context of ritual magic. It is also a symbol of the heart chakra for it creates perfect love.

The Vesica Piscis Eye

In sacred geometry, the relationship between two interconnected spheres which is known as Vesica Piscis can explain polarity.

The symbol of the Vesica Pisces is viewed as two overlapping circles that represent the effect of the first act of creation which is the Prime Radiant.


A hexagon is a polygon with six edges and six vertices with a total of 720° in each internal angle – as described in geometry.

However, in sacred meanings, the hexagon symbolizes many virtues like Love, Sincerity, Truth, Reliability, and Dependability.

Volume Two

Spiraling Equilateral Triangles

In mathematics, the triangle represents ideal proportions. As a symbol of ethics, it suggests the idea of mathematical exactness and method in connection with spiritual problems.

Triangles are very meaningful to many groups in religion for it represents the number three. Triangles and other three-part symbols represent concepts like spirit, mind, and body and past, present, and future.


In sacred geometry and natural development, the spiral is considered as one of the common elements. Spirals in nature tend to follow the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci Sequence in their rates of expansion.

Many types of spirals exist, but the most well-known spiral is the shape of a nautilus shell. Furthermore, all sorts of spirals show expansion and growth and therefore symbolize infinity.

Vector Equilibrium

The Vector Equilibrium is an exceptional symbol for it is the only geometric form that has all its vectors and vertices proportional in length.

The symbol is said to be more of a system than a structure. Moreover, the Vector Equilibrium is the most primary geometric energy array in the cosmos.

Volume Three

Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower which grows on murky waters but still blooms beautifully represents cosmic energy and connection towards the oneness of all beings.

Lastly, this flower represents the virtue of the soul, a heart untainted by lust, and an intellect firmly established on spiritual ideals.

Star Tetrahedron

The Star Tetrahedron or also called the Triangular Pyramid, contains four faces, four vertices, and six edges. Each face is triangular. It also represents the element of Fire and is linked to the Solar Plexus

The star tetrahedron represents the tight-knit relationship between two joint halves which is the central law of the physical world.

Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra is a symbol that is widespread in both Hinduism and Buddhism – or generally in Far Eastern art. The symbol is also thousands of years old.

The Sri Yantra translates to “the most honored yantra,” and it graphs the effect of creation in harmonizing all energy.

Volume Four

Octagon Matrix

The octagon which has eight sides represent renewal, and it is also found in baptistries to symbolize eternal life.

In the octagon matrix, an interplay of circle and square can be seen which constitutes to the transitional dance between heaven and earth.

Flower of Life Yantra

The flower of life is geometric in shape and has a six-fold symmetry like a hexagon. It is made with multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles which are arranged in a flower-like pattern.

The flower of life is incredibly beautiful, and it bridges all manner of culture, religion and time. It is a symbol used to adorn pyramids, cathedrals, temples, and churches for centuries.


The word torus means ‘cushion’ in Latin. The symbol is in charge of many aspects of life – including the human heart.

In Sacred Geometry, the Torus is known to be the first shape that emerged from the genesis pattern.


Christians, Hindus, Greeks, Egyptians and other ancient cultures acknowledged that geometric shapes and specific patterns are repeated throughout nature.

Understanding sacred geometry further is highly beneficial for it guides us to the path that helps unlock the secrets of nature and creation. It also takes us into a deeper realm of understanding the meaning of life.

This article will help readers gain knowledge on sacred geometrical symbols while also acquiring new and fantastic tattoo ideas.