Hello, Banglorians. How is everything going on? Well! Today, it is my own history of hair transplant that I wish to share. Yes, I had to go through a transplant. Once you start reading, you will come to know about my hair transplant journey.

The best results of a transplant can be evaluated after one year of transplant. Hair transplant is the surgery of hair; in simple terms, it is the way of getting back natural hair, on the areas where there is no hair. Hair roots are taken out from the back of the scalp and then transferred in the front area of the scalp. The hair roots start growing with the normal growth rate.

Case History

I was under a lot of stress (reasons unknown), everything was very good, my family to support me, good job, everything was under place, except my mind, which was ‘out of control’, but slowly started taking measures to remain happy, and then stress was a gone thing, but it brought with itself, many side effects, balding, being one of them. Having taken all types of treatments, but when nothing seemed to be working, I heard about hair transplant in India. I decided to try my hands on hair transplant.


Went to the doctor and cleared all doubts, so that all goes well. He planned for around 3000 FUE grafts with the retreat of the scalp as a donor. Everything was going on well, being a non-smoker, no drug intake nor any susceptible to allergies. My supplements were also stopped by the surgeon. A medicine just a day before surgery was given, the day of surgery, I was put off to sleep, for taking some rest, post-breakfast again went to the doctors( because they had called for me), after giving me local anesthesia, they started the extraction.


After seeing my results at the doctor’s clinic post for one year, I was thrilled (he made me see me before and after images). The results are able to be seen within 8 – 9 months itself. The reason behind this is that the quality that is used in doing the process.

There s no trauma put during hair removal, the transaction rate is also very less. The grafts are placed in Plasma, hence no risk of storage injury.

All these things will result in hair growth and also better thickness of hair, the hair volume also increases, in all the appearance also changes. The results are worth seeing for yourself.