For the past few years, with countless and various videos being uploaded to each video-sharing site, more and more people choose to stream online videos in their free time as it can help them get released from their hard work or other annoyances.

However, almost all the video lovers are burdened with one worry – many video sharing sites won’t be offered the free video downloading service if they haven’t signed up an account or subscribe for the premium plan in advance. So what should they do if people fail to finish watching a video at once due to a time limitation or poor network condition?

Therefore, in order to bring more convenience for those online video lovers, VidPaw has been offering free and professional video & audio download service since March 2018. And early in this year, VidPaw’s technical team devoted themselves to offer more high-quality service to meet users’ needs, and eventually, making a brand new VidPaw come into our sights!

What Is VidPaw?

Launched on March 2018, VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader is one of the most professional free online video & audio downloader, which has helped a great many video lovers to get their preferred online videos downloaded with ease.

Also, being equipped with high compatibility and various output settings, VidPaw also allows its users to customize and save their favorite online videos on any device they want. And today, VidPaw has already attracted thousands of video lovers to be its loyal users within only one year.

However, realizing that only when it can constantly create more user-friendly functions to cater users’ needs can VidPaw stand out from the fierce competition on the Internet, it completed an entire update at the start of 2019.

Perhaps you are now wondering what has updated on VidPaw; the next part will show you the answer.

What Brightens VidPaw’s Fascinations? 

■ [New] Built-in Online Search Function

Being tired of opening many taps at once to download your favorite online video? The built-in online search function on VidPaw is totally set for you. With this new function set, you can directly search for your favorite online videos or audios in the search bar on VidPaw homepage, and VidPaw will present the results to you after you hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

■ [New] YouTube to MP3 Converter

There are also a large number of YouTube users who are still searching for the best way to convert YouTube to MP3 to save the YouTube video soundtrack more easily, a YouTube to MP3 Converter is added on VidPaw now.

Simply by searching your favorite YouTube video on YouTube and copy its link to the link-paste bar on VidPaw, then click on the “Download” button, the soundtrack of the YouTube video will be permanently saved on the device you want in MP3 format.

■ Other Outstanding Features of VidPaw

* Speak 10 languages so that people around the world can easily download online videos;

* Offer 100% safe user environment – contains neither pop-up ads nor unsecured bugs;

* Provide free download service and no sign-in process;

* Support downloading videos from more than 1,000 sites.

Obviously, via VidPaw, you can not only able to download online videos directly, but also convert them to various formats and quality. Hence, you can play the videos on any device at any time or anywhere you want.

Want to know how to achieve that? Just read the guide below now.

How to Download Online Videos with VidPaw?

Since the new built-in search function has added in VidPaw, the downloading process is simplified as you can directly search for the online video on the search bar and simply tap the “↓” icon to download them inside VidPaw.

Surely, sometimes the search results VidPaw has shown may less than other special video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.. Therefore, to ensure you can get all your favorite online video downloaded, the next 3 simple ways to download online videos from other video-sharing websites are introduced to you.

Way1. Copy and Paste the Link of the Online Video to VidPaw

STEP 1. Copy & Paste the Link of Online Video to VidPaw

To begin with, search for the online video you want to download on other video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and copy its link. Then, open another tab on your browser to direct to VidPaw. Now, paste the link you’ve copied to the download bar, and hit the “Download.”

STEP 2. Customize the Output Selection of the Online Video

As you can see, once you have clicked on the “Download” icon, the information of the video will be shown immediately. Scroll down, and you will see various output selections are waiting for you to choose. Just select one and click on “Download”. After that, the downloaded online video with your preferred output format and quality will be saved on your desired device in seconds.

Way 2. Add VidPaw Extension Brings More Convenience

NOTE: VidPaw Extension is only available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari at present.

STEP 1. Add Tampermonkey Extension

If you want the VidPaw Extension to have stable performance, you need to install the Tampermonkey to your browser ahead of all.

Google Chrome Tampermonkey

Mozilla Firefox Tampermonkey

Safari Tampermonkey

Microsoft Edge Tampermonkey

STEP 2. Install VidPaw Extension to Your Browser

Make sure that the Tampermonkey has been successfully added to your browser, then you can click on VidPaw Extension to finish the VidPaw Extension installment as well.

STEP 3. Click on the VidPaw Icon to Download Online Videos Directly 

If you have successfully installed the VidPaw Extension, now open the video, you are going to download. Then you will find that a VidPaw download icon has been set below the video. All you need to do now is to hit on this icon, and the page will automatically redirect to VidPaw’s download page, where you can download the video to your favorite output format and quality.

Way 3. [Trick] Edit the Link of the Online Video to Download

NOTE: Currently, VidPaw is only allowed to download YouTube online videos via this method.

STEP 1. Open YouTube official site to find your favorite online video, then play the video.

STEP 2. Click on the top address bar to edit the link by adding “paw” behind “youtube” like “” and hit the Enter key.

STEP 3. After the page redirecting to VidPaw, simply choose your favorite output format and quality for the video, then click on “Download” to start downloading the YouTube video automatically.

After adding the online search function, it’s no doubt that the brand new VidPaw has brought greater convenience to users. VidPaw is still on the way to create more high-quality & user-friendly service for people, and the VidPaw APK is expecting to see you soon. Just look forward to it!