Some news outlets have reported that the co-founders of the Instagram application have resigned from Instagram and the parent company, which is Facebook. Instagram was founded in 2010 and later on in 2012 Facebook acquired it due to its great innovative features of the application. This application particularly focused on the pictures platform through which the users can communicate with each other. With the company being acquired by Facebook it has done very well with the help of Facebook features. There has been a rise in the users of the Instagram application.

With all this process there has been tension between the co-founders of Instagram and Facebook. The reason which was given through the news outlets was the addition of the ‘live story’ feature which was the original idea of Snapchat. The co-founders did not want to copy the idea while this idea has done a lot better regarding the feedback from the users, but still, there was a tension between the co-founders and Facebook which led to the resignation of both the co-founders.

So now the main question is being asked that what will be the future of Instagram. Even with being acquired by Facebook, it is well known that Instagram did not lose its original values. It has remained intact with it due to which it has done so much better. So now time will mainly tell what will happen to the best picture sharing platform in the world. Facebook will be able to maintain the system as it does need the system for advertisement purposes and also meanwhile stay true to the original idea of the application. Facebook is also introducing its new tools which are focused on the e-commerce system running on machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. There can be an emergence of these ideas with Instagram to make the system even better just like Snapchat has done with doing a partnership with the e-commerce giant Amazon. So to compete with that Facebook has its great number of users and along with that a good number of Instagram followers that are loyal to the platform so with both of these Facebook can do a lot better.

It cannot be cleared enough that how much the co-founder’s impact was on the company even when it was acquired by Facebook, there could be a reason for not coming up with a common ground from all these co-founders so that could be the reason to resign. It can’t be known in this short amount of time. Within a year many things will be cleared by the company’s future regarding changes or the connection between Facebook and Instagram that for how long there has been a significant impact from Facebook to Instagram. The users have to wait for the new features that are going to be introduced by Facebook and news regarding Instagram.