If you are planning to buy an old house and renovate it into a modern living space, you should check a few things beforehand. One of the most important things to look for in an old property is Federal Pacific Electrical Breakers. Federal Pacific Electrical Breakers are unsafe and hazardous and hence, you should be aware if there are any at the property that you are planning to acquire.

What Are By Federal Pacific Breakers Or Electric Panels?

Federal Pacific Electric Panels are considered as a type of electrical panel manufactured by Federal Pacific Electrical Company. The other names of the electric panels include Federal Pacific Electrical breaker box or FPE Stab-Lok Breaker. It was introduced back in the day and installed in homes, which were established between the years the 1950s and 1980s.

How Does The Federal Pacific Electrical Beaker Works?

Federal Pacific Breakers work in the same way as any other electrical panel operating in our homes. The breaker box usually comprises the main electrical supply line that supplies the power to other circuit breakers, individually. Eventually, the spreading out of power brings electricity all over your home.

The breaker box is included in our homes to inhibit electrical overload. Additionally, these breakers put a stop to the overheating of wires. As a result, they are likely to break down or may lead to a fire in the house. It might also lead to electrocution.

Usually, all electricians understand the risk attached to it. However, many homeowners don’t know things about it and its causes. Hence, we have shed a light on the safety hazards associated with it. Here you go!

What Kinds Of Glitches Were Found In Federal Pacific Electrical Breaker?

The safety hazards associated with Federal Pacific Electrical Breaker have been the talk of the town. Over the years, it has been considered a major issue, and controversy still surrounds them.

The problem associated with Federal Pacific Electrical Breaker is that it counterfeits their testing data for Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Hence, these electrical breakers never matched the safety standards of the National Electrical Code. As a result, these are still considered as the hazardous electrical breakers that are installed in homes. Ultimately, these are now delisted from every home by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Additionally, when tested by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these beakers were found to acquire a high rate of failure. As concluded, any breaker that was tested revealed some default. Approximately one-third of the electrical breakers acquired some breaker fault, rendering them unsafe.

These defects hint that when a rush or power failure occurs, the electrical breaker never went on a trip. The electrical breaker was found jammed or appear as a tripped, but the contact remained closed that hinted at a complete circuit. As a result, wires get overheated that leads to dangerous and hazardous fire incidents.

The evident and recognizable signs that are seen on faulty electrical breakers are listed below:

  • Ill-fitted breaker switches
  • Burn signs
  • Scorch signs present on the box

What Kind Of Destruction Does Federal Pacific Electrical Breaker Cause?

The chances of circuit shorting or overworking that leads to breaker tripping are quite less in number but, these are likely to happen. In case such a thing happens, breakers trip to prevent fire destruction.

However, according to research, when it comes to FPE, it has reportedly contributed to 2800 fires in a year. Additionally, it is held responsible for around 116 injuries, 13 deaths, and $40 million in property damages every year. Furthermore, it has added to 2-3 percent of fires in residential areas.

Besides, any home that acquires Federal Pacific Electrical Breaker is 20 percent likely to develop a fire, especially when compared with functioning breakers.

What Should You Do?

As a homeowner, the safety of your family comes first. Hence, if you are uncertain about the breakers installed in your home, you are suggested to look at them first. If you find Federal Pacific Electrical Breaker installed in your home, you owe it to your family big time. Contact a licensed electrician for an inspection since it’s never too late.

The circuit breaker panel is one of the most significant systems of home electricity. It constantly distributes and receives electricity. The electrical system functions to spread out and obtain electrical current. If you take care of it regularly, the system will function perfectly for up to 30 years or more. Hence, for your home and family, take care of your electrical system and keep an eye out for signs that suggest there is a fault with your home’s electrical system.