Mauritius is the best place to visit when you plan a holiday with your family; there’s a lot to discover and many opportunities to enjoy the attractions of this Island by yourself and with your kids, no matters of what age.  It is a small yet a breathtakingly beautiful Island and people who want to get away from their hectic city lives should come here with their family to enjoy the peaceful environment with sight of crystal clear blue water along beautiful coastlines, scenic green views and the sound of waves touching the soft whitey sand of the beaches is to die for. You will not experience the beautiful sunset anywhere else in the world which Mauritius has to offer. Here are six activities you indulge in when in Mauritius:

1.    Swim with dolphins:

Mauritius is offering you the most spectacular opportunity to enjoy the aquatic life of marine mammals. If you are a water enthusiastic person, then you shouldn’t miss the chance to experience this incredible thing Mauritius has to offer. The experts brief you about the types of dolphins, their habits and to contact with them and enjoy the direct contact with these beautiful creatures while swimming along with the dolphins in the ocean of Mauritius. Dolphins are animals that tap into your soul and give you such joy that makes you feel like you are one of them, as they play with you can say that ‘dolphins are a man’s best friend”.

2.    Exclusive underwater waterfall sightseeing through helicopter:

The underwater waterfall is one of the largest among the other underwater waterfalls in the world with most amazing and breathtaking illusionary view from the helicopter. The panoramic view of this underwater waterfall view from the helicopter is absolutely stunning which will you leave by surprise and make you never want to leave the view of the spectacular pristine coastlines, clear lagoons. This is the most astonishing view for the people who love nature and are fond of admiring the natural habitats around the globe. This incredible illusionary underwater waterfall can only be seen through the helicopter you cannot admire its beauty from any other source, the view of changing colors of water from the naked eye is the source of peace for the ailed souls.

3.    Curious Corner of Chamarel:

If you are looking for some entertaining activities with your family, then you should try this curious corner of chamarel to experience the imaginary world which will fascinate you and fill your hearts with joy. This place is constructed to surprise the most curious humans to have some entertainment by the creative professionals of Mauritius. This place offers adventures surrounded by the illusionary world, minds games and other activities for curious people of different ages.

4.    Pirate Boat Cruise to Ile Aux Cerfs:

If you are the head of the family and want to feel like the captain of pirates then you should take your family along with you to this pirate boat cruise to IlE Aux Crefs Island which is a spectacular place with palm trees and white sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters it is not less than a paradise for the visitors. This will feel like an illusion at first due to the amazing experience of cruising accompanied by beautiful sightseeing, breezy winds in the ocean, smelling the salty sea water and enjoying the food on the cruise. The pirate boat will drop the anchor in the deep water of the sea you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the sea of Mauritius. Once you reach your destination Ile Aux Cerfs, you can enjoy the water sports and play different outdoor games, camping on the beach along with your kids. Here is a link to help you plan your camping trip well.

5.    Submarine Underwater Trip:

If you are not professional swimmers, but you still need an adrenaline rush and want to experience the magnificence aquatic life then taking an underwater trip of submarine along with your family members is a must thing to do. You will not only get to see the unique species of fish in the ocean of Mauritius you will also be able to witness the beautiful and rich coral reefs, shipwrecks of the famous Star Hope cruiser, and underwater caves, etc. This submarine trip will make your dream of exploring the aquatic life come true. Children will love the adventurous trip of underwater in this submarine. It will make your adrenaline rush and fill you with the excitement due to this amazing view of marine life.

6.    Mauritius Canyoning activities:

This is the best activity to do when in Mauritius if you are a thrill seeker and want to experience new thing which can make your adrenaline rush like anything and admire the speedy waterfall. Canyoning is the most famous activity among the adventurous people; there is no age restriction to enjoy it. You can enjoy the hiking up on the speedy waterfalls and test your strength. This activity is specifically suggested to the extreme adventure lovers.