Instagram is one of the most popular and widely sought after social media platforms on the Internet today. It is an amazing channel for real-time marketing, and this is the sole reason why its number of users is increasing day by day. When it comes to search engine optimization, Instagram might not directly help you in page ranks however it does play a vital role in driving in inbound traffic to your website.

Hashtags and keywords

Instagram helps users to get familiar with your brand. Its hashtags consist of keywords that users deploy to search for business goods and services. This platform is a photo sharing a mobile application that plays an instrumental role in attracting users from across the world to your brand. If you do not resort to social media platforms like social media, you will find that your inbound traffic is solely restricted to those people that are familiar to your brand and people that search for you using the given keywords. Instagram like other social media platforms is just a path back to your website, and every single post you publish on these platforms will bring you the unique opportunity of getting a new web visitor to your business website. The content posts should be relevant to your niche, and you must ensure that the media you post is connected to your brand. Remember the higher the quality of your posts the more regular your inbound traffic will be. More traffic implies you will receive increased conversions and leads.

More followers mean that they will recommend your brand to others. Instagram is a mobile application that is easy to post and edit even when you are on the go. Photos and videos carry a very good marketing message and voice. You can connect with your targeted audience better as pictures can speak a thousand words and spread the message quicker. The users who see your post do not have to read through articles and blogs. The picture is enough to convey the message.  However, when you are posting media, it is prudent to post high-resolution pictures. Even if you take photos from your smartphone, you can enhance their quality with photo filters and other frames that are available on the platform.

Save costs on promotion and advertising

Social media platforms like Instagram also reduce your marketing costs. You just need to devote some time to the platform to get the inbound traffic you are looking for. The investment that you only have to make here is your time. You just need to lend about an hour for the development of your content that you wish to post on the platform. If you have a daily posting strategy, you will find an increase in your inbound traffic. It is prudent for you to monitor this inbound traffic daily so that you get major insights into how your page is working. You will be able to increase Like4Like views as well with your daily posts.

Invoke trust and credibility

Social media platforms are known to invoke trust and credibility among your users. Yes, they can be a powerful tool when you wish to build brand recognition in the market. Small businesses benefit when they use Instagram as a social media platform for their products or services. The costs are less, and they can easily spend brand awareness easily. When you are posting content on social media platforms, you will find that it contributes to your search engine optimization as well in an indirect way. You will find more and more people trying to reach out to you. They are looking for products and services you offer, and Instagram is an excellent platform to reach out to them.

Stories that can be shared instantly

Instagram stories are mostly used for spreading content on social media platforms fast. This story feature is available for 24 hours only, and this prompts users to share them fast. When you are using Instagram for your business ensure that you use 4 to 5 relevant and trending hashtags. This opens up your exposure, and people can search you better. Instagram is known for its new feeds where stories appear as per the keywords that you search for. So, do some market research and choose the hashtags that related to your business so people can find you faster.

Instagram has become popular since it was launched in 2010. It improves user engagement and can bring in targeted inbound traffic with photos and content. You should ensure that your captions have the relevant keywords that will help your users find you. These keywords should also appear in your hashtags so that you can be visible to users who are looking for you online. With them, you not only increase views, but you generate better returns on investment as well!