Canada is a vast country with a small population, which has helped it become one of the world’s most naturally rich nations. The expanse of natural beauty in Canada is unparalleled in the world. However, its beauty is not only confined to its natural corridors, but the cosmopolitan cities of Canada are also widely known for their beauty, cleanliness, and safety. This country provides a glimpse from nearly all corners of the world. With so much to offer, Canada is on the top of every tour planners.

To provide an insight into the top reasons to visit Canada, here we are with a list of reasons that features the same.


  • Spectacular Natural wonders of Canada: Range of natural wonders that Canada boasts of is absent in most other countries. It has more coastlines than any other nation, its terrain ranges from mountain ranges to a small desert, from evergreen forests to huge lakes. Among the natural attractions out there, we have listed out the most spectacular ones:
  • Canadian Rocky Mountain Park
  • Dinosaur Provincial Park
  • Nahanni National Park Reserve
  • Cabot Trail
  • Niagara Falls

This raw beauty along with new technical recreational tools, the Canadians have made their natural reserves a worth visiting place.

  • Affordability: Canada is an affordable vacation choice. The services are provided at relatively reasonable rates as compared to their European and US counterparts. Historically, the Canadian dollar has remained of less worth than both the US dollar, euro, and pound. Many surveys place Canadian cities among the most affordable ones. It is a significant reason for attracting customers as well.
  • Safety: Renowned for its friendly neighbors, and emphasized by their low unemployment rates, the crime rate in Canada is meager. In fact, crime rates have been on the constant decrease since last twenty years in Canada. Tourists feel safe here knowing that the society is mostly crime free.
  • British and French heritage: While most of the nation is composed of British culture, Quebec province houses an outstanding French legacy.
  • Fantastic outdoor activities: Canada takes advantage of its outdoors to its fullest. There are activities like camping, rafting, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, hiking, and golfing.
  • Diversity: Canada is a country of immigrants, and it has always been its policy to encourage diversity. Thus, Canada features a range of multi-ethnic neighborhoods, shops, and restaurants. However, Canada not only has ethnic variety, but it also houses diverse natural landmasses.
  • Remarkable cities: Canadian cities have been renowned for their planning, civic culture, and beauty. Along with that, there is always something (festivals and music shows) going on in the cities. Visiting such towns is undoubtedly a refresher and an experience for life.

On a concluding note, it can emphatically be said that visiting Canada is one hell of an experience. Not only, its tourism scopes are high, but also it is pretty easy to get a Canadian visa if you connect to a genuine consultancy and immigration services firm like Maple Immigration Services.