Accessorizing your outfit may be intimidating, but it is totally worth the risk! While celebrities manage to look like a million bucks, no matter what they wear, you could probably use some assistance in this department, considering that there isn’t a team of professional stylists on standby for you. Not to fear! We bring to you a list of hip hop jewelry must-haves that even the biggest superstars swear by.

Minimalistic chains

Ever since hip hop-inspired attire was incorporated into everyday wear, simple link chains have returned, with exceptional splendor, to the limelight. The right link chain is simple, yet beautiful, and enhances the general look of your outfit, without having to scream for attention. It is an accessory that you can wear every day, and it goes well with both casual as well as formal wear. Opt for a sophisticated brunch look, inspired by Drake’s iconic 2016 look-book, by pairing a baggy turtleneck and an 18k gold Cuban link chain with contrasting skinny jeans and a lovely pair of fur boots.

Jesus and cross pendants

No hip hop celebrity’s wardrobe was ever complete without jeweled pendants of the cross and Jesus, in gold. An avant-garde ensemble for the exceptionally bold, a gold Jesus pendant on an 8mm Cuban link chain, with an otherwise all-black theme, is a stunning example of how hip-hop jewelry has truly been able to carve out a niche for itself in the contemporary urban youth market. If you are blessed with hair that is on the longer side, you could add a black bowler’s hat and Lennon glasses, with metallic rims, to the mix, to up the ante even further.

Versatile eyewear

The replacement of the contact lens with round, prominent eyewear was a move that was welcomed by all. Not only did comfort become trendy again, but people also realized the weightage that eyewear can have on the general appearance of its wearer, and, more importantly, that it could be manipulated to prove the look advantageous for him. Lennon glasses and glasses with colored cat-eye lenses have come back into vogue, as have metallic and transparent rims. Think ‘80s Hammer time! The right choice of eyewear could very well spruce up an otherwise dull look with that much-needed touch of quirk.

Gold necklaces

Nothing says you have made it in life like gold! The proper choice of a gold necklace has the potential to completely transform your look for the better. There’s a reason why hip hop royalty, like Jay-Z and Kanye, barely ever miss an opportunity to sport their bling. A 10k gold Cuban link chain with a Jesus piece silver, sitting pretty in the middle, makes for a dapper look, when coupled with a satin shirt, particularly one that is black in color. Gold on gold, however, is a fashion faux pas that you do not want to be caught making.

Bold grills

Admittedly, grills are not the most feasible option for daily wear. Fact is, however, that anybody and everybody, who has ever been bold enough to wear it, has been applauded and envied for the simple reason that it sets its wearer apart from the crowd. A word of advice: since it is an article of jewelry that stays in close contact with the interiors of your mouth, make sure that it is kept dry and stored hygienically after every use. Unsure whether grills are right for you? Try the relatively sober Gold Half Grillz Set with Fangs to test out the look.

Jewelry sets

An essential in every grown man’s wardrobe are hip hop jewelry sets. Corresponding pieces that add to your outfit is just what you need for a fancy night out on the town. A typical set will usually include a necklace, a pair of ear rings or studs, a ring, and a bracelet. Whether it’s gold, silver or diamond, you must remember to dial down the rest of the outfit. This means that abstract patterns, bold stripes, and wild prints are a complete no-no. A well-fitted pair of trousers and a semi-formal shirt are the best companions for a jewelry set.

Decked-up wrists

It’s 2018, and a bare wrist has become so passé. Whether with a sophisticated bracelet or a nice watch, a bauble on your wrist can better your ensemble by leaps and bounds. Watches with round metallic dials are, currently, the rage amongst accessories for men. The general rule for men’s watches is that the bigger they are, the better. A prominent watch is a thing of pride. A bracelet with a micro Jesus piece can be a game changer for your outfit, as well. In fact, both options are elegant enough to be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Thick rings

There’s no way you can go wrong with a ring. Simple or bold, gold or silver, bejeweled or otherwise, you can pair a ring with almost anything. People often underestimate the power of a ring, and while it is true that there is usually very little correlation between the ring you wear and your outfit, it’s the first thing people notice the minute your hand comes in their line of sight, and people generally use their hands a lot! Know the genre of your outfit to pair it with an appropriate choice of a ring to avoid a complete accessorizing disaster.

Basics of hip hop jewelry

Buying the jewelry is the easy part. Styling them with the right clothes in your wardrobe to come up with an appropriate outfit for the occasion, however, is much tougher. While the aforementioned pieces of jewelry are staples that can be paired with most clothing items, make sure that you stick to a look- casual, brunch, evening wear- and take care not to overlap. Trying to borrow elements from more than one look can be quite tricky and usually always goes bad. Find a style that you are comfortable with and ensure that your jewelry collection is representative of that.

Concluding remarks

This is the era of the avant-garde. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, but if you are choosing to accessorize your outfit with hip-hop jewelry, let that be your statement piece.