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SoftBank: The real Global Rideshare Giant

If you ask someone that follows the rideshare gig economy which is the biggest company, you might get Uber or Didi as an answer....

The changing face of the car making industry

In the 2018 Detroit car show, while there were plenty of power cars, concept designs and amazing colors, it was obvious that the focus...

1 Example of How America Creates “Shithole” Countries

“It is a convenient trick to rob a person of all they have, even their own body, and then mock them for their poverty,...

Inside CES 2018

The consumer electronics show is the world’s leading technology platform for emerging technologies. This is the place to be if you want to show...

Didi Chuxing Buys out Brazil’s 99

China’s gig economy company Didi has just bought out Brazil's rideshare company 99 for $900 million. The amount is being split into two sections,...