CRM software has become a basic necessity for most businesses to thrive. CRM or Customer Relationship Management allows a business to develop a stronger relationship with its customers by collecting customers’ relevant information and utilizing it for its best benefits.

An effective CRM includes applications and tools to collect, analyze, and process data incoming from different channels such as emails, phone calls, website visits, and social media.

We are currently in the phase of experiencing a tremendous growth shift towards mobile CRM solutions. Keeping the amazing benefits in mind, it is clear why businesses are turning to mobile CRM. Studies reveal how adopting efficient CRM services can boost overall average sales productivity by 14.6%.

Top five CRM apps your business needs now

If mobile CRM apps are what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. After analyzing the market, here are the top five mobile CRM apps that we have compiled for you. The results are based on the overall usability, performance, and affordability of the apps.

All of these CRM apps are available on both iOS and Android operating systems and can be used in an offline mode.


Undoubtedly, Hubspot secures the top position in this niche for its amazing features and benefits. The software solutions offered by Hubspot can be used as standalone products, as well as, in synergy with other products under the same name.

It’s not just a CRM software solution. It’s a full-fledged CRM kit every small business needs today. The easy-to-use, smart tool includes all the crucial feature a business needs from a CRM without any unwanted complexity.

Hubspot’s CRM also features a customizable interface to adjust according to the individual requirements of different industries.

Why Hubspot?

  • Affordable: Businesses can access the entire CRM kit free of charge. Even a startup or business with budget constraints can give it a try.
  • Intuitive interface: The CRM software solution is available on the cloud, which means there are no lengthy and expensive installation procedures.
  • Boosts sales: Hubspot CRM allows business to achieve its ultimate goal of increasing sales by pulling all the sales location under one roof. It makes controlling and monitoring multiple sales processes effortless and more efficient.


Pipedrive offers remarkable sales and Customer Relationship Management solution for small businesses with big goals. Pipedrive has established itself as one of the fastest growing CRM services in America, currently providing its services to more than 50,000 businesses around the world.

It is another efficient mobile CRM app that helps organize your sales, gives you more control over your business activities, and helps with pre-planning to keep your actions focused on the goal.

Pipedrive CRM service is a popular choice amongst small businesses and freelancers. The app is considered highly effective for bringing in more sales by focusing on a sale-deriving environment and spotlighting the right customers.

Why Pipedrive?

  • Shows bigger picture: A business can access an overview of the entire sales pipeline and monitor it on different stages without losing focus on the right customers.
  • Offers customization: It allows businesses to create custom products that are relevant to their clients, deals, and specific contacts.
  • Relevant activities: Allows you to keep an eye on sales from various stages to help you determine desirable deals and customers and work accordingly.


This mobile CRM app is popular for its incredible visibility, which allows businesses to access critical customer details. Insightly helps companies to accelerate sales, improve customer relationships, meet enterprise-grade requirement, and delivery projects timely.

As the name suggests, Insightly gives a detailed insight on customers information from a single source, where you can access data related to a contact’s key relationships, communication history, events and tasks, project involvement, and sales opportunities.

Why Insightly?

  • Detailed insight on the customer: The collected information is organized and consolidated to give you a 360-degree view of people who are loyal to your business.
  • Relationship graph engine: The app is capable of capturing contact links, business relationships, and organizations.


Freshsales is a part of the famous Freshdesk software. The high-quality CRM solution offers businesses all the crucial tools required to capture leads. It is another reliable and efficient app widely used by companies of all sizes to control their leads.

The user-friendly interface together and outstanding features allow streamlining the different aspects of the sales process. The efficient CRM system has combined all the functions to enable businesses to optimize sales, prioritize opportunities, and eventually boost sales.

Why Freshsales?

  • High-quality reporting and analytics: The app is highly efficient in collecting and managing overall data to build custom reports for each opportunity, deal, or contact.
  • CRM + call center: It offers two-in-one opportunity to make direct calls with an auto dialer, ID recognition, call assigning and routine, and more.
  • Robust management: The app doesn’t only help boost sales but also offers an exceptional level of visibility on different stages of the sales process. It can track, filter, and close deals based on performance.


Small businesses looking for efficient customer-engagement management can turn to ConvergeHub CRM app solution, which helps with marketing billing, centralizing sales, and improving overall service processing. Since the efficient CRM system stores all the vital data on a single platform, it reduces the risk of data duplication and allows efficient management of customer-engagement.

The CRM platform is cloud-based and allows marketing experts to determine critical metrics in a single glance easily. The app offers businesses with effective marketing campaigns, case management, project management, deal management, and much more.

Why Convergehub?

  • Boosted sales processes: The app doesn’t only offer great user experience but great efficiency that completes the task in seconds with a few clicks.
  • Improved flexibility: The app allows a customized approach to help the platform adjust the specifications according to their individual needs.
  • Automation: ConvergeHub CRM app automates tasks like customer data collection, follow-ups, marketing procedures, organizing, and overall sale processes for increased efficiency.

Final Word

More businesses in the mobile software industry are jumping on the bandwagon to offer customers with the same level of flexibility and access to the bigger picture with regards to customers and opportunities. For instance, Airg spam is a professional in the industry with amazing products and achievements already under their belt.

However, it is also important for your understanding that there are more factors other than mobile that’s pushing CRM to the front. Adopting the growing trend of mobile CRM apps for this year and the years to come has become easier than ever.

It’s hard to overlook the growth and success of CRM software solution, especially when the revenue results took the traditional database management systems by storm. In 2017, the average ROI on CRM was around $5 to every $1 invested. Today, it has become the most significant software market that small businesses are looking for.

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