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Why Facebook CEO Zuckerberg wants Cryptocurrency to succeed

You need to read between the lines in recent articles that cover Facebooks founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg comments about cryptocurrency. Zuckerberg and Facebook...

The Ripple Scam: A Fake Cryptocurrency

Not every cryptocurrency uses the standard concept that manages every digital coin. Even this newborn technology has its “forks,” and one of them is...

The Ripple Effect: The secret to becoming rich

Chris Larsen, former CEO and executive chairman of Ripple (XRP) now the fifth wealthiest person in the US with his cryptocurrencies rise. Ripple is a...

Will Trump win the 2020 elections?

‘Let’s Make America Great Again’ is the famous slogan that Donald Trump used in his election campaign. And this line not only worked out...

The Best Blockchain Investment Fund for Cryptocurrency Lovers

What is a blockchain investment fund? The blockchain investment fund has been around for some time now and could be the smartest, simplest way to...

Blockchain and Real Estate: What is the Impact?

The blockchain is fast becoming a universal technology disrupting every industry. Realty is one of the industries this tech is revolutionizing. Since the question...

Using Cryptocurrencies in Your invoice Billing Process

Cryptocurrency has several benefits with which an international workforce helps in collaboration and transferring of the amount. Invoice Billing Process helps in sending an...

Moving Beyond Bitcoin: 4 Great New Cryptocurrencies

Unless you've been completely ignoring the rapidly-developing world of cryptocurrency trading, there's no doubt that you've already heard about the historical rise and fall...

Regulated Bitcoin = Burst Bubble

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. The reason cryptocurrencies are so popular is their volatile nature that attracts speculators. There are so...

The End of the Bitcoin Scam

Finally, the world is waking up. The major cryptocurrencies are all plummeting as countries start to create regulations to define them as well as...