Nowadays, it is a must to have a business account on Instagram for branding and promotion of your products. It is the biggest platform for promotion after Facebook, and if you want to target a global audience, an Instagram account is a must-have. Engagement matrices of Instagram are one of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs), which get measured by companies to track their success.

Use of hashtags and to share the posts to a broad audience is important to gain more audience engagement and success in your product’s promotion. Instagram has turned from a social media platform to an e-commerce website where can even sell their products directly.

If brands want to build successful commercial profiles, they need creative as well as content that can engage the audience. A visual branding strategy is an appropriate way to create, organize, and post content on Instagram. 6 ways to create such strategies below mentioned are the ways.

A Unique Visual Identity Is Must Create

Think about what are the key aspects of your brands and create an identity for it accordingly. Note your company’s values and mission and what is unique in your products or services. These values and different aspects need to get delivered to the audience’s mind through your visual identity. Make an official document of these and share it with your marketing so that visual content strategy could be designed for your products accordingly.

Design A Style for Your Instagram Profile

You should create your own Instagram profile style and then branding strategies according to that. Branding strategies are important to keep your content consistent, especially in terms of graphic design of your pattern or theme. Instagram profiles are generally for long term use, and Your followers would grow familiar with your theme and pattern. If you would switch your theme or layout, It might confuse your audience.

Consistency in Editing of Photos

If you have a style and pattern of the Instagram profile, then you should stick with It throughout all posts. With the help of some applications, you can buy readymade themes and can apply the same theme to all your photos. If you wish, you can create your theme as well with the help of editing options on Instagram. Even for written content like quotes, use a consistent letter font or maintain the same background to all posts to make them look consistent.

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Choose A Consistent Pattern to Write Captions

Photos and videos are incomplete without the caption, which explains them properly. You should select a particular tone to write captions and should maintain consistency of it through all the posts. Suppose if you write explanatory captions for some posts, do not write just one line for others as it might disappoint your followers. Use simple and familiar hashtags always. Maintain a similar consistent pattern with posts of quotes as well.

Create and Stick to Schedule

A well-defined strategy for the management of visual content would increase audience engagement. Define marketing strategies and maintain a schedule for it so that the audience would get to know when they can expect content from you.

If you reduce your post’s frequency, it will disappoint your followers, and if you would increase your post’s frequency, followers might miss your content. A schedule should be such that it would let the audience forget your brand, and it should not clutter their accounts as well. The schedule would reduce the risk of followers to unfollow you and might get followers on Instagram.

Mix All Visual Content Together

You should mix photos, videos, Instagram Stories, and IGTV in your visual content for Instagram. Focus on all these equally. It would engage more audience to your profile. Use surveys to make your audience feel involved with you. Behind the scene post also generate excitement within the audience.

A well defined and organized visual content strategy could get Instagram likes and followers. It can keep your audience engaged. Instagram is the best platform to showcase your creativity and out of the box thought process. Visual content is king of all contents, and a huge consumer base is available in the global market.