As we all know that our planet is in danger and it is time we must use an alternate form of energy to help save the environment. In order to do that, using solar power for homes is one of the most feasible options available today. With the rise in global warming each day and in these difficult economic times it is best to have your own alternate source of energy at home. It will not just help you cut your electricity bills, but it is also a free source of energy. Though installing solar power systems can be quite expensive, the long-term benefits it offers are well worth it. So if you are wondering how you can make your house run on solar energy, then we are here to help you.

Below we are listing some ways to have a solar-powered home:

1. Solar Panels-No matter where you live, the best way to step into the solar era is to install solar panels or rooftop solar panels. A solar panel mainly consists of an inverter, a meter, and solar panels. As installing this technology is new to many people, it may take time to set up this solar power system in your house, but once everything is done, it is almost maintenance free.

Installing this system will help you power your entire home with much ease and convenience. Not only this, but the meter will also help you in keeping track of the power generated and the energy that you will consume the entire time.

2. Solar Attic Fans- Using solar attic fans are another great way of making your home an energy-efficient. Also, you don’t need to spend thousands of money to install it. It will also lessen the necessity of air conditioner by simply venting hot air with the help of your attic.

It will also eliminate humidity accumulation by lowering the temperature. So if you really want to cut down your electricity bill, then install these solar attic fans and see the difference.

3. Solar heating- Many people ignore this fact, but regular heater like electric heater or gas heater installed in your home consumes a lot of energy. So replacing them with solar water heaters will not just be cost-effective, but will save you from paying those high-cost bills.

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You can also go for solar heating techniques that use solar thermal collectors, which works best in heating the household water as well as your swimming pool water. Though the initial investment of installing these solar heating systems is more than the solar attic fans, the actual profit will be greater.

4. Solar air conditioning- Have you ever wondered of keeping your home cool using the solar air conditioning? Well, if not, think about it now as using solar air conditioning is a great way of using sunlight and to protect your home from its heat at the same time.

Solar air conditioning comes in many types; you just need to choose the one that best suits your need. But what you must know is that most units would require some electricity in order to operate. But you will surely save a lot of money by replacing your air conditioners with the solar one.

5. Solar Appliances-Another great way to have a solar-powered home is to use solar-powered appliances which will not just eliminate the power consumption but will also help you to do your duty towards the environment. Use solar flashlights, speakers, solar ovens, kettles, boilers, solar-powered landscape lights, etc. As the sun gives us an immense amount of renewable energy, it is time we take advantage of it.

6. Solar pumps- Solar pumps are a great option for all those people who live in remote areas, where the traditional water piping system may be exorbitant. Most people use flammable power sources for running electricity due to the location or cost, which is dangerous and unpredictable. But replacing them with the solar pumps is a wonderful alternative as it is affordable, reliable and safe.

How to install Solar panels in your home?


Installing solar power panels in your home is highly beneficial. One of the major benefits it offers is highly reduced energy bills. Using the natural energy of the sun to power your everyday home appliances is certainly the way forward.

But what you must know is that installing solar panels in your home is not simple. You need to get in touch with a solar panel specialist and ask them to visit your place to do the installation. The number of panels required will depend on the number of people live in your house and the number of rooms it has and the average power consumption. You will also need to discuss with your solar panel experts about appliances you are going to use and how often every day. Your solar panel expert will then calculate how many panels you need in order to run your home efficiently.

Once your panels are set, you need to find the place to store the batteries. Remember to keep the batteries in a cool, dry, and dust free place to get the best results. Also, check if your batteries need to be topped up with distilled water to prevent them from drying out.

So, keep all the above factors in mind and turn your home into a solar-powered home. You will love the changes it will bring to your life.

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