Casio Edifice Men’s EF527D-1AV  Stainless Steel

This watch is beautiful and looks much better in person than in any pics. The price is excellent for the quality of the piece you get. I’ve only had it a week or so, after a while, the review can be revised, but I don’t foresee any issues with this watch.

The bracelet links are solid stainless pieces, a good solid feel to that, and the clasp is a good quality one. You get plenty of links too; I had to remove 3, my wrist measures just over 7″ around, so it should work for almost anyone I think. And being stainless it won’t turn any colors or get all nasty. It will clean up easily.

The bezel is notched but does not turn. Instead, you rotate the dial by turning the knob on the left, which I like because it adds a little more complexity to the mechanical design. The stopwatch function works well too. But overall it’s a very tasteful looking watch and makes a nice piece to wear out or add to a collection. An easy way to reward yourself a little without paying hundreds more.

If you like the way it looks here, you will be really glad when you get it delivered. It’s very nice looking. Let’s see how long it works for. The Casios runs good, and the Japanese movement is nice. It should outlive me & most people I know, especially since I’ll only wear it out occasionally and never at work.

Casio EF106D-2AV Casio 100M Water Res. Watch

I had this watch for eight and a half (8.5) years until it stopped the first time. The next thing I did was order a new one – Casio Men’s EF527D-1AV Edifice Stainless Steel – from Amazon. I loved the first one, I love the second one still.

I nearly always had the watch on my wrist: bathing, swimming, jogging, even chopping wood. Here are some pros and cons I noticed over the 8.5 years of using the first watch and the two years using the second (identical) one:


  • Large and clear numbers and arrows. Being short-sighted, I value that.
  • Very long battery life (battery outlasts the watch, so to say). It roughly delivered the promised 10 years of battery life, taking into account the time it spent on the shelf in the store.
  • Robust glass: despite some scratches, it still looked OK after 8.5 years of heavy use.
  • Arrows and numbers shining in the dark were quite useful at times.
  • Accurate: never had to adjust the time besides the changes of summer/winter time and traveling across time zones.


  • The sides (between the bottom lid and the top glass) corroded somewhat after some 5 years. It did not reduce usability, but it did spoil the look somewhat.

Conclusion: a great watch! That is why I bought exactly the same model again without a second thought. And I will buy one again in approximately eight years (i.e., after the battery dies) if only I can get one then!

Casio Edifice Men’s EFA119BK-1AV Ana-Digi  Stainless Steel Watch

I purchased this watch one year ago today, and have been wearing it daily. For some reason, I woke up one day last year wanting a new watch. After years of not wearing one. I spent several weeks looking around for one to buy. Wanted something metal and chrome. Ran across this one and didn’t like it at first look. The photos on the product page really don’t show it off well. But I kept coming back to it. There were two versions, this one with the temperature sensor and another that did something else (don’t remember what exactly). So I ended up getting this one.

I am really happy with my purchase; I think it’s a good looking watch. But, just keep in mind that some people might not think so. Being curious, I asked some other people and about half thought it was ok looking and the rest didn’t.

I think one reason some people take issue with it, is the reversed LCD display – where numbers & letters appear ‘white,’ and the background is dark. Makes it a bit difficult to read in low-light, even with the backlit function.

The added feature of the temperature sensor is pretty – meh. It’s really only ‘accurate’ while you are not wearing the watch. Wearing it, your body heat throws off the reading. The watch has a lot of the common functions you expect on a digital watch – stopwatch, timers, DLST adjustment. But one thing that I find annoying is setting the analog hands. You have to power forward the hands, so if you want to set it to an earlier time – you have to go through a full 24 hours of rotations. The digital and analog time settings are independent of each other.

Setting the watch requires reading the user guide/manual. The one that comes with the watch is tiny; I suggest looking online and finding the PDF version, which is bigger and easier to read. You will be referring to it a lot when going through the settings for the first time.

I had to adjust the band to fit my wrist, needed to remove a couple of links. That’s easy to do – but I suggest hunting around on you-tube to find how to do it. I found several that instructed me in the process.

As I said I’m happy with the watch and think it looks good.