Landscaping your home can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what you want. Whatever you decide on, you can hire a lawn care business to maintain it for you so that it is always looking great with minimal effort on your part.

When you’re searching for landscaping ideas, consider what you want your yard to be like? Are you aiming to boost your curb appeal? Are you creating a nature oasis? If you aren’t quite sure, keep reading for some awesome ideas to make your home’s landscaping look awesome.

1. Fanciful Flowers (Or Not)

Probably the most obvious landscaping option is the addition of flowers to your lawn or garden. A lot of choices go into creating the perfect flower bed, including deciding whether you want perennials or annuals.

Perennials only need planting once, and they should re-emerge for at least 2 years at approximately the same time. Disc n save you a lot of effort but can be a more expensive investment in the first place. Hostas are well-known shade perennial and can grow quite large, filling the space and adding greenery to the pops of color other flowers bring. Tulips and daffodils are two of the earliest spring flowers and always look cheerful no matter what your landscaping situation may be.

If you like to change your mind and color scheme from your tear, annual flowers are the way to go. Petunias are one of the most popular annuals as well as chrysanthemums. With so many colors of flowers to choose from, it might seem overwhelming, but remember your lawn your choice! If you love the flowers, then who cares what anyone else may think?

If flowers really aren’t your jam, consider adding a vegetable garden instead of a flower bed. Even a few tomato plants can add some interest to your lawn, and you can reap the benefits of nutritious vegetables grown steps away from your kitchen.

2. Trees

One of the larger investments to a landscaping project is adding trees. There are many varieties and types of trees, and a yard with trees will increase your home’s value as well as making your landscape beautiful.

Be sure to plant trees that will grow well in your climate zone. It’s important to research how tall a tree is estimated to get because while it might be smaller when you plant it eventually with some luck, it will be quite large, and you don’t want the crown of the tree to hit your home or power lines.

3. Add Some Pavers

When you want to add some style to your backyard and want something that is durable, then there’s no better choice than pavers. Create a pathway across your lawn or an entire patio; whatever you choose, your pavers will accent your greenery and complete the look you are hoping to achieve.

Pavers are particularly easy to work with since they are individual pieces that can be replaced should one crack or be destroyed, though they are quite durable. Depending on the pavers you choose, you can create patterns or alternate colors to your liking. There is a lot of creativity to be had when putting pavers in a yard.

4. Build a Deck or Gazebo

A deck or a gazebo are excellent ways to make your outdoor experience more comfortable. Either option can be the ideal focal point for a beautiful lawn setup. Whether you’re hosting big groups or just looking for a place to relax and read a book while experiencing nature, a deck is a wonderful addition that also adds value to your home.

Decks do require upkeep depending on the materials used, but there are many varieties of wood that require minimal care. Because the deck is raised off the ground, either slightly or to a higher elevation, they offer fantastic views and are an especially great choice if you are lawn is sizable.

A gazebo offers a wonderful shaded area to any garden, and especially if you live in a warmer climate can be a welcome addition to a lawn. If a gazebo isn’t really your style, perhaps adding a pergola to your patio or deck is a wonderful way to add some shade?

5. Upgrade Your Fence

While a fence is the border of your lawn, and perhaps you already have one, changing up the design or material can make your yard feel completely different. Not only can a fence serve as privacy and sound barrier, but it can also add value to your home and keep your little ones safe.

Upgrade your chainlink to a stunning privacy fence, or change the color. The old-standard white picket fence may not coordinate well with your home’s style, but you can almost certainly find a fence that will enhance your yard. Be sure your gate’s door will swing the direction you want it to and that the open/close mechanism is easy for you to work.

6. Add A Water Feature

A pond or fountain may not be the right look for everyone, but they are one of the more soothing aspects of landscape design. While they can be a hazard for small pets or children as a drowning risk, a well-thought-out pond can really highlight a lawn.

Ponds will attract waterfowl, which can be interesting to watch or stock your pond with fish extremely low patience pets. Adding lights highlight an accent your pond will add visual interest to your home. Lights reflecting off of water will make your lawn sparkle and shine. Ponds are actually easy to care for, and so long as they’re kept clean should not become a problem.

Adding in a built-in fountain can be the perfect finishing touch to your landscaping project. As long as you take into consideration the architectural style of your home when choosing your design and materials, a fountain is an excellent way to add a touch of water to your lawn.

7. Attract Butterflies

What could bring more joy to your yard then magical butterflies fluttering around? Why don’t you create a butterfly garden? Find out what variety of butterflies live in your geography and then look at what type of plants grow well in your zone.

Butterflies need plants that provide nectar and also plants that will feed the caterpillars. While some of the more exotic butterfly plants are beautiful, you will want to plant varieties that will grow well, so they last many years.

8. Fantastical Fairies

For an especially whimsical look, consider adding a fairy garden to your lawn. A fairy garden is a perfect way to engage children in your gardening habit but can also be a world of fun for an adult to create miniature scenes in their lawn to lure the mystical fairies in to visit. Transform an old stump into a fairy’s dream home and surround it with smaller flowers.

If you aren’t sure you have the imagination to build a fairy garden from scratch, there are many kits available to help give you a head start as you set out to create. Some folks like to focus on the natural aspects, and others prefer to adorn their garden with small furniture, whichever you decide, you won’t be able to help but smile when you walk past.


Landscaping your home doesn’t need to be a rough process; in fact, you may discover you enjoy the outcome. A well-landscaped home makes it warm and inviting, and it will help you spend more time appreciating nature as well. Creating a landscape you love is just a few ideas away, so choose one or two that appeal to you and go for it!