Now the world of marketing business is completely changed due to influenced by social media. A few years back traffic used to come from search engines and paid traffic, but over the years, whenever concerning search engine ranking, Google’s search is affected by social media. Nowadays, Social Media became a huge medium for social media marketing companies to market their brand. Marketers enforce new strategies for social media to get targeted traffic using various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, etc.
Today almost all business sectors from small to medium businesses use social media for their business growth. 70% of business marketers grow their business using social media medium.

Basic of Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is a platform to achieve branding goals by communicates through various social media networks. It is one of the inexpensive ways to market your website and keep engaged your users towards your brand by sharing videos, content, and images for marketing purpose.

How to use Social Media for business promotion

To popularize your brand on social media doesn’t need to have any advertising budget. Instead, you should hire a social media expert for high-quality content, pictures, and videos.
Follow few steps to market your business service on social media

1. Choose the best Social Media Network
There are many social Media networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) out there to promote your brand. You can use best out of them to make it medium to promote your brand. It is a worth investing your energy and time. Doing this can improve the chances of getting more followers.
2. Provide Valuable Content
If you focus on creating informative content for your users, surely you can make a stronger brand reputation for your business. Figure out which content is gain visibility on your social networks. One of the good way to create content to support your brand building try to understand what kind of post users wish to read and try to grab their attention by providing desired content.

Add images that support your content and described your brand. Images can help better to reflect audience attention than a blog post.

3. Online Promotions and social campaigns
This is a most important part of social media marketing by knowing the interest of followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. You can launch online promotion and campaigns on social media time to time. This promotions and campaigns help to develop your brand. In this way, you can encourage your users to share your web-links and social media pages with other potential buyers. You can also attract customers towards your brand by offering discounts and gifts.

Best Social Media Platforms for Different activities

There are a bunch of social Networking sites each offers a different aim, characteristics, features. The marketer analyses social media sites and promotes or shares their content according to their requirements. Mostly used social Media platforms are listed below.
Pinterest and Instagram
You can choose Pinterest Social Media platform to promote your design expertise for item selection, mobile app, and website. Using Pinterest Users can design and promote the collection of visual boards due to features provided for visual discovery, Sharing, and storage tool. A visual business can use Pinterest and Instagram to attract customers towards their brand.
The LinkedIn is a professional website specifically designs for the business associations. You can manage your company profile using LinkedIn or also use it for professional job recruitment. It is completely business to business network
YouTube is the best site for sharing video and promote your business. You can raise the customers and engage the existent customer by using various video tools. Try to increase connection with users using live streaming video.
Users share real-time news, images, content, and videos on Twitter. It is a powerful medium to grow your business and earn money.
Facebook is highly used social media sites by users for the entertainment purpose to share text, images, and videos. Besides that Facebook has become a traditional way to promote your content and to connect with an audience.

Things to keep in mind while promoting your business

Don’t be too mechanical when it’s about promoting your brand, try to connect with users with a human touch and serve content according to their requirement. The first and important thing is to focus on targeted audience and then decides their niche.The next immediate step is a selection of Social networking site. The combination of targeted audience and social networking site will be the best medium to promote your business.
Keep in touch with upcoming events and latest social media trends related to your niche. Update users about latest trends by regularly sharing information. Post interesting and valuable content at a regular interval, same time avoid over posting. According to social platform make specific changes to your content. This is the simplest ways you can make good sales, and this is a sign of good business.

Advantages of using social media marketing

Social media marketing has many advantages some are listed below:

  • Free or Affordable cost
    Comparing to traditional advertising methods it is free for business on many social media platforms. On the other side, paid options are of minimal cost, so it is an affordable method to promote your business services.
  • Easy to use
    A person with standard computer knowledge can use a social media platform to connect with their users. No need for high-level skills to be active on Social Media.
  • Broad Reach
    You can connect with millions of people all around the world.
  • Fast
    Information is distributed quickly among the users. With social media, You can share special offer and event once you finalize the plans.
  • Traffic
    Social Media Marketing is a vehicle to increase traffic to your website. By sharing your content on a social medium, you can increase numbers of visitors to your website.

Risks associated with using social media marketing

Marketing through social media also has its risks are listed below

  • The spread of wrong information
    Sometimes accidentally wrong information is posted and the result of getting negative reviews which affect the business.
  • Legal Problems
    One can fall in legal issues if you don’t follow privacy rules.


Using Social Media, you can connect with millions of users worldwide. Maintain your social media presence and serve best to your users because of those bear fruit for your business. Above mentioned tips can guides you the way of marketing your brand to stand in business competition.