We Indians love to eat food and the cravings increases when it is the snacks time. Well! We constantly crave for junk foods like burgers, wafers, French fries, cakes, etc. When we get hunger pangs, it is always easy to grab them. However, this can only gain your weight and can make you unhealthy. These foods are high in sugar and calorie fat, and it may sustain your hunger for the time being but can cause you several diseases. But now you no need to worry as here we are going to share the list of 5 India’s Yummiest Healthy Snacks for a Healthy Body which you can get from any online namkeen shop.

5 India’s Yummiest Healthy Snacks For A Healthy Body

#1. Walnut:

One of the best ways to keep your tummy filled throughout the day is to consume walnuts daily. It contains Omega-3 and is also reach in vitamins and minerals that help in brightening your skin and strengthening your hair as well. Walnuts are great in taste and are very much beneficial for your health. Daily consumption will lead to a healthy life. Walnuts are great to consume in the morning. You might opt to have them for your breakfast or for the evening snacks. All that you need to do is to measure and consume an amount of Walnuts regularly in the morning.

#2.  Granola Bars:

Granola bars are high in calorie but a light-weight snack to satisfy your hunger pangs. It is made up of oats, peanut butter, honey and some other good ingredients to boost your energy and also to keep you full at the same time. Granola Bars are a mixture of exquisite snacks. The flavor induces a low calorie and thus making the food healthy. You can consume the Granola Bars as a tidbit to your evening snack and fill your tummy. One might love to have it now!

#3. Almond:

Almonds are one of the best ways to keep your hunger away without compromising the taste. They are packed with several benefits. Daily consumption will help you nurture your hair and body as well. It also strengthens your immunity and makes your bones strong enough to sustain. Almonds are a rich source of protein for your body. It not only provides you energy but also releases stress from your mind. Thus, it is very important to consume 2-3 grams of Almonds regularly. You might see improvement from diseases as well!

#4. Roasted Namkeen:

Indian people love to their taste buds with the oil-fried namkeen. However, roasted namkeen can be better and healthy option for you to satisfy your taste buds and that too by cutting the excess cholesterol. There are several namkeen online India e-commerce sites that offer you to buy the best namkeen products available in India. You can choose the product according to your wish. Roasted Namkeen allows a passion to your tummy with the exquisite flavors. You may find some more packets of Roasted Namkeens at different online stores, but certainly, it is healthy. namkeeens are fat-free and would help you to stay healthy.

#5. Dry Mixed Fruits:

Now nobody can deny the love for dry fruits. Dry fruits are packed with goodness such as proteins, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals to keep you healthy. Dry mixed fruits are nothing but a mixture of fruits and nuts to make a perfect snack to boost the energy level. Dry Mixed Fruits are easily available throughout the country. Especially the hills and the deserts are the places where you may find quality Dry Mixed Fruits at low prices. You would certainly will to have such beautiful food to your tummy.


So these are top 5 yummiest healthy snacks that you can opt for to have a healthy body. Indians love to eat and it is difficult for foodie people to follow a diet routine. However, having some tasty yet healthy snacks can help you to stay healthy and satisfy your hunger pangs at the same time. Drinking lots of water can also prevent the small cravings for food all day long. It will also help you to flush the toxins from your body keeping you healthy and fit.