The International School San Patricio Toledo, Spain, is considered one of the best boarding schools in Europe. A school that has passed with excellent results one of the most demanding educational exams such as the PISA report (Programme for International Student Assessment), surpassing those of some of the countries with the best educational levels in the world like South Korea or Finland.

These good academic results also go hand in hand with the solid values of Christian humanism, which have formed part of the educational project since its foundation in 2006 (although San Patricio Institution and the school in Madrid, Spain were founded in 1958). The International School San Patricio Toledo follows solid moral values that the teachers transmit every day to the students and that prepare them for adult life.

Both in class and during their stay in the boarding school, the students acquire daily work habits that are essential for their good academic performance and their preparation as future professionals. They live and learn in an atmosphere of respect and study where, in addition to improving their intellectual knowledge, they also work on their emotional intelligence.

Within this educational project, families play a very important role. While in other schools the main axis is the teachers, in San Patricio the students and their families are the motors of the school. A commitment that is reflected in its motto “What is good for the students is good for the school”.

International Baccalaureate of excellence

At the International School San Patricio Toledo admits students aged 3 to 18. An international education of excellence that includes the possibility of studying the international baccalaureate and preparing young people to succeed in a world of multiple cultures and languages.

For this reason, the center allows students between the ages of 12 and 18 to continue their studies externally or to further improve their academic experience by studying and living in the San Patricio’s boarding school.

A fantastic opportunity to complete their pre-university education surrounded by Spanish students and from other parts of the world such as the United Kingdom or Switzerland, where more and more families choose Spain as an alternative for their children to study abroad.

With the International Baccalaureate (IB) children and teenagers can enjoy a quality education like the rest of IB schools around the world. This allows any International Baccalaureate student from International School San Patricio Toledo to continue their education in other countries apart from Spain if they so wish.

A 21st-century boarding school

International School San Patricio Toledo has a boarding school that meets the needs of the 21st century. Located on a large plot of land surrounded by green areas, it offers students the latest in educational technology, a wide variety of sports areas and a peaceful and safe environment where they can develop both academically and personally.

Many families choose International School San Patricio Toledo not only for its educational quality, but also because, although the school has a Christian background, the faith or dogmas are not imposed, so that children can build their own spirituality freely while they grow up.

The Boarding School in Spain offered by San Patricio allows students to develop the communication and social skills essential for life as adults without having to leave the school grounds during the academic year or having to move or leave the campus to have all their basic needs covered.

International School San Patricio Toledo offers first-class facilities, at the level of very few boarding schools in the world. Its location in a natural environment makes it easier for students to focus on their training and prepare for the constant changes in the contemporary world.

Much more than hours of study

But in addition to the academic aspect, one of the school’s maxims is that students complement their study hours with other types of activities outside the classroom, especially the practice of sports.

In addition to a careful academic program, the International School San Patricio Toledo organizes trips, excursions and cultural plans outside the boarding school or promotes outings for skiing, multi-adventure activities in the middle of nature or water sports such as sailing, kayaking, windsurfing or kite surfing.

In this sense, the center is also concerned with promoting health education. They want their students to be healthy adults tomorrow and therefore teach them about healthy eating and the importance of an active life. In this way, the students play sports (both individually and as a team) and collaborate in the conservation of nature.

Maturity, autonomy, and responsibility

One of the aspects that differentiate the Internacional School San Patricio Toledo is that all the spaces in the residence hall are fully designed so that students can achieve their academic goals.

In addition, they have at their disposal teachers who live on campus and advise them and help them organize their study tasks. This accompaniment, together with the fact of living with other teenagers (the rooms are for 2, 3 or 4 students), helps them to mature, to be autonomous and to assume values as important as responsibility or coexistence.

The teaching team does not limit itself to transmitting good study habits. One of their objectives is to awaken an interest in learning and reading. They also prepare them for teamwork, so important for their professional future, and encourage them to use new technologies.

Another point of special care at the International School San Patricio Toledo is the constant communication between the school staff and the students’ families. This information about the academic and personal development of young people helps parents to miss their children less during their study stay away from home.

Upon finishing their studies at the International School San Patricio Toledo, students will not only have broadened their intellectual knowledge, but their academic learning will also be complemented by social and humanistic skills and the experience of the Catholic faith in a prestigious academic center.