Whether we talk about your home or your business, both of these are extremely near and dear to any person. It is obvious that most people take the most extreme of steps and precaution to protect their homes and their businesses. Several methods of improving the security of your home or your office are taken; however, did you know that the area around your home or your office can also be in danger? It is important to not only protect the building, but also the area around the building.

Protecting your business or your home is a top priority, and the right kind of tools can really help you improve the safety and security of these areas exponentially. Criminals are becoming smarter and smarter with each passing day, and technology has handed them newfound tools to break into potentially any security barrier that you can think of putting up.

In these cases, it is important for you to act one step ahead of the criminals; to be smarter and more equipped than them. Here are a few tips that can help you increase the safety and security of your home or your business:

  • Invest in outdoor lighting

Of course, most of us know the basic rule of keeping your homes or offices well lit to scare off intruders from entering, but what happens when the intruders get more than a few good hiding places around the corners of your home, by your trees and shrubs? Investing in outdoor lighting which eliminates any shadows around the entry points of your home and office can be a lifesaving tip for increasing the security of the building.

Intruders often look for the easy spots around your home to hide and gain access to an entry point to break in. However, with the outside of your building well lit, an intruder will have no place to hide. If you do not wish to waste electricity by keeping the outdoor lights on all night, you can opt for motion sensor lights. These lights will help you save on your electricity bills, while still giving you security and peace of mind.

  • Place a security sign outside the building

Many people invest in expensive security cameras and alarms to increase the security of their homes or offices. However, what is the point of waiting until the intruder breaks in and them capturing them on camera or setting off an alarm?

Place a security sign outside of your building which will warn intruders about the consequences of breaking into the building. Place a security sign which says that you have a CCTV or an alarm system installed. It has been studied that those buildings which have these signs placed outside are less at risk of being burglarized! The best part is, even if you can’t afford the expensive security cameras or alarm systems, you can definitely afford the security sign! The sign itself is enough to scare away most potential burglars.

  • Don’t hide spare keys around your home

This is a trusted method that most home owners like to use; hiding their spare keys around the bushes, under a fake rock, or under the welcome mat. While this might help you gain easy access into your home on days when you might have forgotten your keys, keep in mind that criminals also get an easy access into your home. Most criminals are smart enough to know all these hiding places, and if a criminal has been keeping a watch over you and your home, they might have likely already discovered your hiding place for the spare key.

Instead of giving the criminals such an easy access into your home, leave your spare key with a neighbor. This way, if you forget your keys, you can always visit your trusted neighbor to get your spare key, instead of keeping it somewhere around your home and giving easy access to criminals.

  • Invest in a good CCTV camera

Investing in a good CCTV camera for your business can be a great choice for your business. This will help you catch both criminal as well as non-criminal activities happening around your office, and even keep an eye on employees. Those who know that they are being watched will always be on their best behavior; be it your employees, or potential criminals. Most criminals would not attempt to burgle a place which has CCTV cameras due to the risk of getting caught on tape. Video surveillance is one of the best methods for a business owner to keep an eye on everything happening over at their office area and building without actually being present at the location. The security cameras also add a sense of safety to those working at the building.

  • Being extra cautious

In this modern day and age, anything can happen anywhere. It is shocking to see how smart criminals have become. Certain small behaviors can help you be extra cautious when dealing with your home or business.

  • When opting for valet parking, remove your house keys from the key ring, as anyone can easily make a fake key of your home by simply clicking a picture of the key on the ring.
  • Always double check if you have locked all doors and windows or not. You might think that you have already, but it is a good idea to always double check it.
  • Teach your kids these safe behaviors as well, such as not opening the door for strangers, locking the doors and windows, and not accepting delivery parcels.
  • If you are leaving your home for a while, make a system so that the mail is not kept lying at your front door, as this will give a clue to the criminals that no one is home. Also, keep your blinds in their usual positions, instead of keeping them all fully shut, as this will also indicate inactivity in your home.

One can never be too careful when it comes to the safety and security of your homes and offices. North Lakes Company helps you enhance the safety and security of your buildings so that you can always be assured of their safety being a priority.