For a number of years, public policies have been mobilizing to make life easier for people in wheelchairs by carrying out accessibility work and developing legislation. Agree that wheelchairs, like other devices for people with disabilities, must meet certain conditions and standards.

In order to consider a wheelchair for sale, you need to familiarize yourself with some factors that influence the success of the rapid implementation of such a device for the movement of persons with disabilities. In addition, you should decide what you want to get from the sale and where it will post ads. To quickly and profitably sell a wheelchair, read the recommendations below.

What Are the Reasons for Selling Wheelchair?

Reasons for selling may be different. Consider the main points, because of what you may need to sell such a device movement:

Inconvenient: It sometimes happens that a stroller is bought for a child, but over time it grows up and needs a more adult stroller.

Buying a new wheelchair: Every year wheelchairs are improved, and therefore there is a desire to update the device to move to a more modern model.

Loss of need: Most often the elderly need wheelchairs. Therefore, after their death, wheelchairs remain in good condition and relatives want to sell them.

What Should Be Considered When Selling?

Before you sell a wheelchair, you need to decide on:

Type: Today, there are at least five types of wheelchairs. The price of a wheelchair will depend on its functionality.

Appearance. The more presentable the appearance, the more expensive it can be sold.

Serviceability. Check for breakdowns and correct them if necessary.

The term of operation. Even if the wheelchair comes in good condition, but it has served its owner for a long time, you cannot sell it expensive. Most of the parts wear out and will need to be repaired soon. Before selling a wheelchair, you need to understand:

  1. How fast do you want to sell it?
  2. How much money do you want?
  3. Where will you sell?

Such moments will help you quickly and efficiently put the goods up for sale, and more confidently talk to future buyers.

What are the Arrangements for Taking Charge of a Wheelchair by Social Security?

With the purchase or with the rent, the taking charge of the wheelchair by social security requires a medical prescription. This order must contain the following information:

  • If it is a rental or a purchase
  • The duration of use of the wheelchair
  • It’s mode of propulsion (electric, manual)
  • The specific characteristics of the chair
  • If the chair has options and which

In case of need to renew the chair such as modification of the state of health, autonomy, wear of the material. Anew medical prescription will be necessary. There is no regulatory term beyond which a renewal is necessary.

How to Sell a Wheelchair?

To get started, first decide the price of wheelchair. In order to properly set the cost, it is necessary to view the prices for wheelchairs in the online mode. It is best to put the average price because it increases the ability to quickly sell a product.

Consider the various options for free ads. Most purchases are now done through the online bulletin boards. Find online advertising sites and ads where you can place a classified ad with photos and detailed information.

Leave your contact details so that the buyer can always contact you. For efficiency, you can specify several personal numbers or numbers of your loved ones. A successful sale to you.