Graphic design is the combination of artistry, science, and internet application. A successful graphic design team will provide you with a comprehensive solution to your marketing and user interface needs, making your site and products attractive in ways you would not fathom. Mostly, there is a lot of psychology involved in graphic design, and agencies tend to focus on how to maximize the GUI for every client’s need. Here are seven reasons why a graphic design agency benefits business.


  1. Branding Pride and Productivity

Have you ever noticed how a poorly mitigated website and product design lowers employee morale? Primarily, a poor website will not only lower confidence; it will reduce productivity as well as lower income. Employees in companies that feel their marketing and online presence is lacking will subconsciously revolt against the system that they are employed to protect and promote.

Once a website and product line are graphically attractive, bringing in attention and receiving awards, the pride that is generated grows. Employees feel pride in being connected to the brand, and even act as brand ambassadors wherever they go.

  1. Time-Saving

JPG, TIF, EPS, PDF or GIF, which format and what pixel size, how to condense them? Do you need CMYK or RGB?

A graphic design agency will not bore you with the technical jargon and details, they will ask you to describe what message you want to convey and will then produce scientifically proven methods for attracting the desired reactions and results.

  1. Cost Effectivity

Sure, you have a graphically inclined employee, but did you know that one mistake will cost you success? Choosing the wrong format, the wrong color, the faulty design can impede your chances of success in different markets. Every culture has its attractions and GUI, for instance, China is all about buttons, while the Middle East is all about word design, and the US is about photos.

Now add to that colors, what colors are considered attractive to an Asian or Hispanic viewer? What photographs will attract customers and which ones will cause them to run away? The art and science employed by a graphic design agency will maximize your ROI based on market knowledge of GUI.

  1. GUI Visual Quality

The only way to increase your company’s views, shares, and followers, as well as product sales and customer base is via high-quality visuals.  Whether you use e-newsletters, News websites, blogs and social media, with printed materials, you must only use high-quality visuals. This is the way to grab attention, even when using negative lighting, is the only way you can attract and retain customers.

GUI is not just about video, photo or web design; it is about the concept, it is about the quality of the visuals you will use in every aspect of your marketing plan.

  1. Graphic communication

The internet has changed how we communicate. What was once audio or textual has evolved to the interactive visual market. Attention spans are shorter, as the eyes flitter between visual grabs. You need to make a graphic presence that stands out grabs attention and retains that attention. You don’t want a site that attracts a two-second view of the front page and then bangs, all gone. You want over a minute of attention, drawing the visitor into your world, and getting them caught up in your virtual reality. Only a graphic design agency has the tools to integrate art, science and the knowledge of SEO marketing into one complete explosive package.

  1. Customer Retention

As I mentioned briefly in reason number 5, graphic design agencies specialize in more than just design. Today, it is not about branding; it is not about creating a nifty name or a fancy logo. It is about sucking your visitors into a virtual world that comforts and excites them at the same time. You need to deliver constant messages that draw the customer into your online world. Get them to view more pages, more information, and slowly addict them to what you sell. Customer retention is now the new science in graphic design.

  1. Brand is All

The bottom line, your brand is all that matters. That is what a graphic design team will deliver. They will remove the competition by eliminating their attraction. All eyes will be on you, and that is what a graphic design team will provide.