Factors That Have Led To The Increase Of Female Gamblers


Female gamblers are on the rise. This is no bad thing, but it is definitely a point of interest for the gambling industry and the media. We can speculate that there are many factors that have led to the increase of female gamblers, but we will never really know which are the exact factors to have done so. Those that might have better insight into this issue might be successful online casino providers such as 666 Casino, who have thousands of players from both genders and it is still rising!

It could be that there are a lot more games out there that have been designed to be aimed at women. This can be achieved in a number of ways, changing the color theme being the simplest, changing the theme itself so that it is more appealing to females than men, the kinds of prizes you can win, the gameplay itself, and so on.

Another likely reason could be that female gamblers are on the rise because women have more money and more independence, now more so than they ever have before. It would make sense that as females have now got their own money, and their own independence, women everywhere can choose what they want to do with that money and indeed exactly how they want to spend it, as it is not affecting anybody else but themselves.

Differences in male and female gamblers

There are many differences in male and female gamblers, and these differences help to inform the gaming industry and this includes the game developers, on what kinds of games to make for each target market. With gaming, like a lot of other things; actually, males want different things to what women want, and that is something that the market will have to respond to.

For instance, men are likely to be more inclined to play a game that does not feature a load of pink fairy characters, love hearts, or bunnies. Women might be more inclined to, and this just comes down to the fact that in general, females are more attracted to these things than men, and even if men might be, they have a reputation to live up to so will probably likely go for the more blood, guts and glory type of game than one about a fairy princess.

Ultimately though, it does all come down to enjoyment. Maybe a female would enjoy a rougher and tumble kind of gamble than a male, and maybe a male will enjoy a fairy princess game if he could just drop the ego for a sec.

Gaming preferences in both sexes

Having said that, the most popular way that men like to gamble is not surprising – it is through sports betting. We have come a long way since the men-only days at sports events, but the allure of the occasion still pulls more men in than it does women to put a few quid down on the game. In a survey of 1,000 males, 73 percent of the men said that they preferred to bet on sports when they were playing online.

The second was similar to the competition in sports, with online poker at 29.18 percent, and 28.65 percent of the men said they played the more fun and friendly bingo in the last month. For the women gamblers, online bingo was the most popular game to play, and just under 60 percent of these respondents had played it in the last month.

But, it would seem that women have also begun to develop a passion for the competitive side of online gambling, with 40 percent of women surveyed from the female players preferring sports betting, which comes as quite the surprise, online slots were third in with 34 percent. Now onto roulette, this is a game that is played by a small number of gamers, with men again enjoying this kind of gambling more so than women. Nearly 27 percent of men play this game compared to only 19 percent of women.

There is a similar divide when it comes to blackjack, with 23 percent of men compared to just 18 percent of women having played this game in the last month, but there is an interesting reverse trend when it comes to online slots. As has been mentioned, online slot games are the third most popular game of choice for women players, at 34 percent, but these were chosen by just 26.5 percent of men playing regularly. And, nearly 30 percent of men play poker in comparison to just under 20 percent of women.

Different strokes for different folks?

It would seem then, that we can attribute a number of factors that have led to the increase in women gamblers. It is very interesting to note that there is an increasing number of women gamblers that are taking an interest in sports betting now that is the driving force behind it putting itself on the map as the boss of online gambling, and in fact overall there is 58.5 percent of online gamblers regularly betting on sporting events.

It is no secret that men and women are obviously quite different from each other in a number of ways, but it is also quite promising to see that we are all beginning to find more things in common with one another as time goes on and things change to be more in line with an equal ethos across the western world. But it would also be worth asking what the motivation is for both of the sexes to game online in the first place.

So, the survey did. Respondents chose reasons from a tick list as to why they gamble online, and the options were for the social aspect of it, to make money, for the thrill of it, to win, to have fun, or to relieve boredom. The results were an interesting read. Far from being further evidence of a gender divide, when it came to the reasons for playing, the results for both male and female players were almost identical in every category.