Cycling is the primary Aerobic activity in which it boosts your performance and stays healthy.

Mainly the outdoor bike riding is an exciting and thrilling experience to enjoy the nature’s beauty. A morning ride with fresh air enhances your physical activities and resistance towards various diseases.

At the same time, cycling workout results in the burning of calories, strengthen the muscles, and good for cardiovascular health.

The outdoor cycling improves the balancing abilities and coordination with your bike. But on a stationary bike, the workout is pretty simple as it is stable without any movement.

A comfy outdoor ride burns 100 calories per hour and subsequently adds more hours based on your capacity. Cycling also develops your fitness level and muscle strength.

If you are at the beginning stage of outdoor cycling, then here are some simple steps to follow the workout with minimum distance, once you are comfy with that then go for considerable distances.

Beginner warm-up session includes:

  • First 5 minutes comfortable cycle riding.
  • Next 2 minutes fast pedaling of low resistance and sound cadence.
  • Then 2 minutes easy riding.
  • Again 2 minutes fast pedaling of high cadence.
  • At last end up with 2 minutes simple bike ride.

Follow the step-by-step procedure of simple outdoor cycling workout:

  • Begin with six-speed intervals that are detached by 30 seconds for recovery of each exercise. Then you have to rev the power and cadence for 30 seconds acceleration and slow down the pedaling for 30 seconds before the next workout. These are the simple steps that you can perform with ease.
  • Take an interval of 3 ½ minutes to recover quickly.
  • Put your overall efforts as possible as you can where you get a deep breath and take a tempo interval of 8 minutes.
  • At this stage get some break of 5 minutes.
  • Hence this whole workout with 30 minutes of cycling burns nearly 200 to 300 calories at 10 to 12 meters per hour ride.

Here are some innovative riding outdoor workouts to make you fit and faster, choose the best one that suits your needs. If you are going for an outdoor ride, then select one of the intervals here for efficient riding.

Buy a perfect bike that suits you:

The primary thing is to find the proper bike that fits your body. Make sure to check whether the seats, pedals, and handlebars are all at the correct level to match your body length. So, you will get more balance and proper control of your bike.

Practice to get for right balance:

Spend for few weeks to attaining the proper balancing levels; otherwise, you can lose your confidence. You should be sound at changing gears and braking of a bike before you get a speed ride and curved paths or hills.

Fast ride for better muscular strength:

Prepare your body for quick workouts to build the power and great muscles. Start riding with mid to high gear shifts and pedal for 50 seconds having a break of 20 seconds for recovery. Repeat the process as ten times, and then you will get 5 minutes of rest for the entire set.

Enhance your pedaling speed:

The smooth and efficient pedaling boosts your cadence efforts. Begin a ride by putting all of your efforts for 10 seconds and then push with a range of 100 to 120 rpm, after that pedal for 20 seconds slowly. Do the process for another 15 minutes again and take 5 minutes rest for recovery.

Try out to climb on hills:

The hill climbing is ideal for you to make stronger of an outdoor cycling exercise. Start riding your bike in which you have to get up from the seat and begin to climb the hills with maximum efforts for 30 to 40 seconds.

Then go back to your start point and repeat the same process in the seating position. Shift the procedure in between sitting and standing for six times of climbing. After that get some 10 minutes relax.

Intense efforts to build the stamina:

The Japanese exercise expert builds up a particular type of interval called Tabata intervals which can aid to increase the intense efforts.

These efforts are used to prepare your body to utilize the high efficiency of muscles and ideal intensity to maintain one hour trial with success. Run as fast as you can and shore for 15 seconds, do again for 6 to 8 times.

Put a break for intervals to boost your threshold:

The increased range of threshold speed assists you to keep up the attacks in large rides. Start the ride as robust as possible for three to four minutes while reaching the target. Take rest for two minutes then do it for three repeated sets.

Hence explore the best workout method of outdoor cycling; which it enhances your endurance and good living towards your success.