One of the most sought after commemorative items that many seek is engraved plaques. These are usually metal sheets that are engraved with text and images to present a durable certificate of appreciation, or representing an award. In the last two decades engraved glass, ceramics, and durable plastics have been added as an extra medium for different applications.

There are three methods used for engraving these involve handheld (original) engraving tools, machine (CAD) engravers, and laser technology. Today, with computer-aided design (CAD) the commercial use of CAD machines is preferred to hand engraving for two reasons, the first is that a hand engraver is an artist and requires a specific skill set, and in most instances, a hand engraver will not be involved in a “street-commercial” setting. The second reasons are for the speed and accuracy of their cut. Today it is common to see many vendors using small CAD operated engraving machines, and the larger commercial companies have a number of different machines as well as employ professional engravers. Lasers are still uncommon and mainly used for engraving in crystal, glass, and acrylics.

Today, engraved plaques come in an unlimited number variety of forms and styles. There are the basic engraved plates with a colored surface and a metallic sheen engraving, to a fully colored printed photo over a stylized finished metal plate with colored texts. Some plaques will come as metal on wood or stone, others a as Perspex/Acrylic on wood, or stone or as stand-alone units, and others then there is glass.

Whichever engraved plaque you choose, from a standard engraved plaque to a full photo plaque ort a designed plaque, such as a gavel or a clock, the plaque component will be a metal plate/sheet engraved with the text and images that you desire.

The metals of choice range between copper, brass, steel, and aluminum. The most common was copper, but brass and steel are also used a lot in many sectors.

A structured or constructed plaque will include a clock, or come in a specific design, such as a monolith or specific design that a client wants, that can range from a rectangular block of material (wood, glass, stone, etc.) or to a complex statue that is bespoke for the plaque.

Plaques are found everywhere and anywhere and are not limited to size or design. In most cases, a plaque is unique, which means that even if the award is for a thousand students, the name of each student must be engraved into the plaque individually. When buying gifts that represent a company, then the plaque can come in a standard format, and as such, reduces the price of production considerably.

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