We all know what holiday is about, there are two kinds of holidays, the standard sea and sun ones and the culturally intense ones. The laid-back sea and sun holidays require a sandy beach, great clear waters, and lots of booze. The cultural holidays require pre-planning and logistics, noting every stop and stay area with the local attractions, and trying out new and wonderful food for the experience. You might end up walking for hours in the Louvre or traipsing in the streets of old Rome if you decide to go to Thailand then the Chinese market in Bangkok will be as crowded as the winding back alleys of the old city streets in Jerusalem. These two types can be arranged to meet just about every budget, from the low-cost backpacker’s travel budget to the high-cost shopping spree intense international business class travel with five-star hotels. Destinations are a limited by your budget only.

However, there is an alternative that can be just as wonderful and even more so than any combination of the above. While there are quite a few unusual holiday sites to choose from, I decided to write about responsibletravel.com since it caught my eye and the prices were reasonable for what they offered. The site lists quite a number of interesting options. Here is a short list of interesting alternatives that can meet any budget, well nearly any budget, you will still need to fly there and find a way to sleep and eat.

  • Sudan holiday, Desert Explorer
    Start at Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, then work your way around Dongola, Nubia, Karima and see more pyramids than you’ll ever see in Egypt since Sudan used to be what was termed Upper Egypt. Zip around in a 4×4 and just make sure you have enough sun block and fresh water.
  • Moroccan Berber Excursion
    Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in a tent in the middle of a desert? Yes? No? Well, there is an excursion that takes you to the Black Desert where you will spend a night with a Berber family and experience the life of a nomad.
  • Philippines Palawan Frontier
    Imagine pristine beaches secluded by thick jungle. Add to that amazing wildlife, very cheap food and drink and unlimited beautiful vistas of high mountainous outcrops and shadowed nipa huts. You have the very best of the Philippines under your toes.
  • Mongolia Adventure
    Arriving at Ulaan Baatar, you will be whisked away to the Mongolian steppes where Genghis Khan grew up and created his Mongolian horde. Living in the Gobi Desert, and the Lakeland regions of northern Mongolia, Lake Khovsgol. You will never breathe fresher air than this.
  • Swedish Tree Hotel
    If you want to watch the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in an exceptional environment, then you must travel to Sweden and stay in Scandinavian designed tree hotel in Lulea. Each hotel room is designed differently, with simple tree cabins to Mirror Cube and UFO designs. An Unusual place for a great experience.
  • Arctic diving & Polar Bear Watching Expedition
    Sailing on a Lloyds 1a ice expedition ship, you will travel to Spitsbergen where you will experience one of the harshest environments on the planet. Only 500 miles from the North Pole, enjoy extreme diving conditions, and watch local wildlife as well as explore fjords and icebergs.