The world is at our fingertips today. We live in the era of digitization where everything and anything are available on the internet today. Today almost every business has a website for their product and services. With so much happening in the online world, there is an always a vulnerability factor with these websites as they become prone to the hackers and the cyber threats. The solution which the entire world is using to protect their websites is SSL certificates. These SSL certificates are digital certificates that give an extra layer to the websites by protecting their data and from all the malicious activities. These certificates are issued by the certificate authorities – CA that are trusted bodies that give authenticity to the certificates. Let’ us start with one of the best SSL certificate providers Comodo. Now here it is important to note that there are many SSL certificate providers that offer all the types of SSL certificates that are – Domain Validation, Organizational Validation and Extended Validation certificates. Just to get a sneak peek of these three types of SSL and take a look at the points below:

Domain Validation: Their level of validation is the lowest and is only verified by the certificate authority – CA. It usually takes issuance over email and can take few minutes to few hours to install. Its validation is minimal and there is less human involvement.

Organizational Validation: These certificates have medium validation level where the certificate authority authenticates the ownership of the company that controls the website and verifies information like name of the company, city and other details. It indicates the company information in the certificate details. The installation takes few days.

Extended Validation:  This is best for the large scale websites and gives the highest standards of security from the hacker. The validation is the most strict as the CA verifies everything about the organization, its legal existence, physical location and etc. The process can takes some days as the level of verification is very strict. It is the safest and gives a green address bar to its customers so that they know this website is safe to use.

Let’s now get into an understanding of online security with Comodo EV SSL

EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificates gives the strongest and stringent verification process that verifies everything about the company to give the requested legitimacy to the certificates. Another point is the company name in address bar with green text which the website gets with an authorized EV SSL. This green address will help build customer’s trust and will ultimately increase the rate of conversion. With Comodo EV SSL you get the best quality of SSL certificates that offers strong encryption and secures all your online resources and data. – all this at a reasonable price. The vendor can offer you as lowest as $78.97 per year. It is very well supported by all the mobile phones and smartphone browsers. The best part is that you get unlimited server licenses.

Just to get a detailed idea of Extended Validation Certificate has a look at the paragraph below:

It is the highest quality of SSL certificates offered to any websites that secures all the data and all your online transactions executed via browsers and servers. Being the highest ‘class’ of SSL EV Certificate display company name in the browser address bar in green text and gives a green padlock icon to all the browsers for secured connections and safe online transactions for shopping and other things. The ownership of the website is accomplised through a strict legal process and organization verify by the CA hence giving it a strong hold on security parameters. EV SSL Certificates give a strong guarantee to the visitor and to the owner that your website has passed through a stringent process of verification based on the global standards as per the guidelines defined by the EV guidelines – and these guidelines are set and guarded by the vetting principles and policies ratified by the CA/Browser forum.

What is the importance of Comodo EV SSL – Green Text Trust

Extended Validation SSL Certificate assures its visitors and users that they are safe online for their every online transaction. They get the assurance of everything they watch and view on the website and that is which they not viewing a wrong website. The company name in the address bar is a huge factor in drawing reliability and trust among customers and visitors. Comodo EV SSL is one of the trusted SSL certificate providers among the lot. The USP – green bar padlock icon is what helps gain the trust and assures the customers to be in safe hands for all their transactions.

How Does it Work?

It works perfectly by giving the green padlock icon trust sign in browser address bar of the website. The best part is the internal pages are also secured with https encyption. On the left-hand side, you get to see the green lock sign on the address bar telling you that your website is secured with a valid EV SSL Certificate. This is how the websites are trusted and protected by EV SSL certificate.

How to Get Comodo Extended Validation Certificate

Get your Extended Validation certificate from Comodo EV SSL provider with dynamic site seal, 30 days refund policy, company name in green text in browser address bar, 256 – bit encryption, highest authentication, 99.9 % browser compatibility and more. All this you get it from this SSL service provider at a great or cheap price. Other than this depending on your demands and needs, you will purchase Extended Validation Certificate. For example, if you are looking for – single domain validation, multiple sites on just one domain, or securing multiple domains with EV – you will choose accordingly.

Other Benefits of Comodo Extended Validation Certificate

  • Unlimited Server License
  • Company Name in Browser Address Bar
  • Maximum Browser Compatibility
  • Highly competitive price
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Safeguards against phishing attacks
  • Customer protection because of stringent guidelines
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment
  • Unlimited Reissuance
  • Latest Security Algorithm

Where to Buy Extended Validation Certificate

There are many SSL service providers that offer the best of services and SSL certificates to their customers and businesses. However, choosing the one depends on your selection and need for your business. Service providers like – DigiCert, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, GoDaddy, Comodo and many more. There are many that offer highest standard quality SSL certificates but there are ones like Comodo EV SSL certificate that is a Cheap SSL Shop for all your SSL certificate needs. Other than this, Cheap SSL Shop can be your one-stop source for all types of SSL needs where you get all the brands at the best price with 247 customer support.