Gemstones are perennially elegant addition in the world of fashion. They are versatile yet unique. Since ages, gemstones are revered for their ability to heal you internally and externally. They are an eternal source of energy and positivity that you need in today’s hectic lifestyle. If you are a fashion-driven gem lover, you ought to explore the best ways to carry these illustrious stones. Well, wearing them as jewelry has always been the best method of invoking their supreme powers and metaphysical properties. With an ability to stimulate chakras, the right type of gemstone jewelry can definitely attune your life in the right direction and magnetize good fortunes for your bright future. If you’re clueless how to get started with wearing them, here is a guide to top 10 trending gems that you may own:

1. Blue Sapphire

Due to its regal blue color and captivating aura, Blue Sapphire is one of the most venerated gemstones since centuries. It has been embraced by royalty and nobility alike for bringing good fortune, success, and wisdom in the life of its possessor. A lot of beliefs have been related to this amazing gemstone.

Natural Blue Sapphire(Neelam) Stone, Source: GemPundit

  • Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire:

Also known as Neelam in Sanskrit, it is considered ideal for those seeking instant success in business or independent projects. It strengthens the position of Saturn and blesses the person with multiple opportunities. This gemstone can invoke the throat and third eye chakras in the body to help you access deeper consciousness and self-discipline.

  • How to Buy Jewelry?

If you seek these astrological benefits of blue sapphire stone along with its elegant beauty, you should explore high-quality jewels encrusted with this gem. Look for the quality of gemstone that will be treasured by your family for generations. Typically,
Neelam stone is cut in the round or oval shape to make stunning pendants, earrings, rings, and brooches. They are carved in precious metals like sterling silver, pure gold, and panchdhaatu. You should ideally wear this stone in the middle finger of your working hand for the best astrological results.

2. Yellow Sapphire

With its vibrant yellow color and eclectic shine, the yellow sapphire stone has always mesmerized the gem lovers and collectors alike. The sparkle of this stone is adorably beautiful, and the brilliance of its color is inimitable since ages. An intricately cut Pukhraj stone, as it is profoundly called in Sanskrit, can exude remarkable powers.

Yellow Sapphire, Source: GemPundit

  • Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire:

It represents the planet Jupiter and brings matrimonial harmony in the life of the wearers. Jupiter also rules the realms of wealth and knowledge. Hence, Pukhraj can restore positivity and good fortune in businesses that command creativity and intelligence. It also stimulates the Solar Plexus chakra in the human body to facilitate alternate healing and power to concentrate.

  • How to Buy Jewelry?

If you are allured by the charm of this stone and if it suits your horoscope, tap the latest jewelry trends and compare the yellow sapphire stone price to find the best piece for your collection. It looks amazing when customized in intricately cut and designed jewels like earrings, pendants, and rings. You can wear this September birthstone as a cabochon or a faceted gem in precious metals like pure gold, sterling silver, or Panchdhaatu. Whatever be your choice of jewel, metal, or design, you should make sure that the gemstone touches your skin properly to channelize its positive properties and energies in your life.

3. Ruby

Ruby with its striking red color is the most valuable stone from Corundum mineral species. It commands a high price due to its legendary properties and fabulous powers. The trace elements of chromium cause the deep red color of this stone. Fine quality rubies are not only rare to find, but they also fetch record prices in the auctions.

Natural Ruby Stone, Source: GemPundit

  • Benefits of Wearing Ruby:

It brings professional and academic success for its wearers. It is ruled by the planet of Sun that improves the social status and financial conditions of a native. Being the father figure in Vedic astrology, the sun invokes influence on paternal relationships to improve them. The best rubies are mined in Myanmar (Burma), and they command higher ruby stone price when compared to rubies from other locations.

  • How to Buy Jewelry?

If you want to stimulate the powers of ruby stone in your life, you should buy rings, bracelet, or pendants customized in pure gold or sterling silver. Rings are the most popular form of jewelry with Ruby or Manik stone. To gain its astrological benefits, you should prefer buying Ruby rings in which the stone properly touches your skin. A red Ruby/Manik pendant is a real stunner at any show. The bold and beautiful color of this gem makes it a perfect choice for engagement and wedding rings as well. Prefer stones shaped as a cabochon (smooth, polished, non-faced gem) and combine them with diamonds for an everlasting impression.

Ruby Pendant, Source: GemPundit

4. Emerald:

Since ages, emerald has charmed mankind with its eternal beauty and infallible charm. It resembles grace and nobility in its vivid green color. This stone from the Beryl mineral family has been revered for its striking aura and remarkable properties. It is also one of the hardest stones found on the planet.

Natural Emerald Stone, Source: GemPundit

  • Benefits of Wearing Emerald:

As a May birthstone, this gemstone invokes psychic powers and qualities of loyalty in its possessors. It is called Panna stone in Vedic astrology and is strongly related to the planet of Mercury. It induces personal harmony and deeper love. Since it derives its color from nature, it symbolizes prosperity and brings intellectual abilities to the wearers. It stimulates the Heart Chakra and offers exceptional healing properties as well.

  • How to Buy Jewelry?

When shopping around for Emerald stone jewelry, you must determine the quality of stone studded in it. The lush green color of this gem intrigues the jewelry lovers from every part of the world. You can find trendy designs handmade by the expert craftsman weaving magic with the alluring setting of Panna. Emerald-studded earrings in the form of hoops and drops while rings studded with rectangular stones are quite popular among the fashionable gem lovers. To gain its astrological benefits, you should prefer a setting in which the gemstone touches your skin constantly even if it comes for a relatively high emerald stone price.

5. Pearl

As a gemstone synonymous with beauty and wisdom, Pearl holds a significant position in the Vedic astrology. It pacifies the powers of Moon in the birth chart of its wearer. This stone is often termed as an endowment of nature and a true beauty. It has a flawlessly smooth and attractive texture that makes it a desirable stone for centuries.

Natural Pearl Stone, Source: GemPundit

  • Benefits of Wearing Pearl:

As a representative of Moon planet, Pearlstone signifies charm and softness. It soothes a person suffering from depression, tensed mind, and instability. Those who lose their temper easily are advised to wear this stone in the form of jewelry. If the Moon is in a malefic position, it can cause several afflictions that can be cured with the help of Moti stone. It treats the precariousness and negativity of mind to cleanse the soul of a person. It stimulates water balance in the body and can heal numerous diseases.

  • How to Buy Jewelry?

You can buy bracelets, pendants, or rings studded with Moti in precious metals. The setting of stone should be done in a way that it touches your skin. You should prefer round or oval-shaped stones for traditional beauty while there are many trendy cutting styles that entice gem lovers with their fascinating appearance.

6. Hessonite:

It is a honey-colored gemstone that commands the powers of the malefic Dragon-Head – ‘Rahu’ planet. With its distinct coloration and amazing metaphysical features, Hessonite is highly revered in the Vedic astrology. It is worn to neutralize the negative effect of Rahu in the wearer’s horoscope and bring success, prosperity and good health for the wearer.

Hessonite (Gomed) Stone, Source: GemPundit

  • Benefits of Wearing Hessonite:

This gemstone neutralizes the evil effects of Rahu or Dragon-Head Planet. It is worn in the form of jewelry to calm the mind and relieve a person from deeper anxieties and depression. It is known as Gomed stone in Vedic astrology, and it is believed to give a clear direction to its wearer. It enhances the social status of a person and improves overall health with its strong healing properties.

  • How to Buy Jewelry?

If you want to invoke the metaphysical properties of Gomed, you should prefer wearing it in a form of jewelry. You can buy trendy Hessonite stone jewelry having gemstones cut as cabochons and studded in pure gold or sterling silver metal. It can be worn as a ring, earring, bracelet, or pendant to invoke its powers and healing properties. Whatever design you choose, the back of hessonite stone should directly touch your skin.

7. Amethyst

Despite being a semi-precious stone, Amethyst garners a lot of attention due to its elegance and beauty. In ancient scriptures, it is referred to as a gem of fire that exudes rare spiritual energies and powers. It is interfaced with the planet Saturn and magnifies the benefits bestowed by this planet on its wearers.

Amethyst – Jamuniya, Source: GemPundit

  • Benefits of Wearing Amethyst:

In western astrology, Amethyst stone is associated with February month dedicated to the water god. It is venerated as the stone of love and faith. As per Vedic astrology, it is known as Jamunia stone that can calm the mind and increase the productivity of a person. By enhancing memory powers, it helps in setting realistic goals in life. It owns strong balancing powers that improve spiritual wisdom and feeling of selflessness. It represents Crown Chakra and protects its wearer against psychic attacks and negative energies.

  • How to Buy Jewelry?

With its alluring beauty and aura, Jamunia is loved as an astrological substitute of blue sapphire. You can customize an Amethyst ring, pendant or bracelet in stunning gold, sterling silver, or Panchdhaatu. It is always suggested to prefer buying high-quality stone, though it may come at a higher amethyst stone price. You can choose rings with rectangular stone set in the middle and surrounded by the diamonds. Stones cut as cabochons are the everlasting style of jewelry preferred by the lovers of this stone.

8. Peridot

Due to its glorious bright olive-green color, Peridot is admired by many. It is formed in a molten rock of the upper mantle, not in the crust of the earth. It is formed only in one color which is a rare attribute. This gemstone is considered to be a crystal of well beings and warmth. It is associated with the Sun and protects its wearer from the forces of evil.

Natural Peridot Gemstone, Source: GemPundit

  • Benefits of Wearing Peridot Gemstone:

As the August birthstone, it boosts the emotional stability and inner strength of a person. This stone is beneficial for those suffering from depression. Gifting a peridot stone on the occasion of anniversaries is considered auspicious in many cultures. It promotes oratory skills and influences communications. Many people wear this stone to invoke intelligence and improve their comprehension and memory power.

  • How to Buy Jewelry?

In the recent times, there has been a spurt in the popularity of this stone among the gem lovers. When crafted in the form of beautiful earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings, it enhances the beauty of a person and also blesses them with positivity and good health. You should buy stones studded into precious high-quality metals. The settings can be different depending on the trending designs like oval, round, rectangular, or drop designs with or without other stones.

9. Turquoise

The legendary Turquoise gemstone shines bright with its dazzling blue-green shade. It has been traditionally incorporated into amulets to protect the wearer from evil forces. It is one of the oldest gemstone known in the history of mankind. This amazing gemstone has been used for crystal healing and emotional well-being for centuries.

Natural Turquoise, Source: GemPundit

  • Benefits of Wearing Turquoise:

As a symbol of sacred power and the planet of Jupiter, Turquoise stone brings thinking abilities and decision-making skills to its possessors. In Vedic astrology, it is called Feroza stone and is considered to be a bearer of wealth and prosperity. Since ages, this stone has been used for its amazing healing properties that cure ailments related to kidney, immune, and liver.

  • How to Buy Jewelry?

You can buy vibrant and beautiful Feroza jewelry for a pop of color and amazing metaphysical properties. Apart from promoting overall well-being, it looks fabulous as a style statement. You can choose a stylish Turquoise stone ring or earrings to invoke the charismatic powers of this stone. In the market, a turquoise stone price largely depends on the quality of this stone. It should be immaculately cut and studded in a precious metal.

Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring, Source: GemPundit

10. Blue Topaz

It is the birthstone for those born in December month. Blue topaz symbolizes love and affection in life. It is known for its pale blue color enhanced with the feature of irradiation. Also, it is a versatile gemstone that can be cut into a variety of shapes to make stunning jewels.

Beautiful Blue Topaz, Source: GemPundit

  • Benefits of Wearing Blue Topaz: In the Vedic astrology and many other cultures, Blue Topaz stone is considered to be a strong source of metaphysical powers. It can bless its wearer with prosperity, humility, success, and wealth. As it is closely related to the planet of Saturn, it can reduce the malefic effects of this planet from the birth chart of a person. It increases affluence and brings good fortunes to its wearer. Also, this stone is connected to wisdom and invokes ability to take right decisions. It can also cure insomnia and many other diseases.
  • How to Buy Jewelry?

With the growing trend of gemstone jewelry, it can be overwhelming to choose the right designs for both style and astrological benefits. You need to find the right type of jewelry in which Blue Topaz stone directly comes in contact with your skin. You can prefer intricate designs in earrings, pendants, or rings made from pure precious metals that may slightly increase the blue topaz stone price. Choose precisely cut stones in stylish settings for enhancing your charm.

These are the top 10 precious and semi-precious gemstones that you may choose for trendy jewelry. Apart from enhancing your beauty, these jewels will bring the intense powers of those gemstones in your life.