Let’s face it, having amazing abs is one of the most common aims people have when they start out on a fitness regime, and there are all kinds of fads and trends and exercise devices out there which claim to guarantee great abs.

But the fact is, anyone can do easy ab exercises. There is no need to pay a fortune for a gym membership or by the latest trendy piece of kit advertised on TV. Ab exercises can be kept simple and straightforward.

As long as they are carried out regularly and repeated in a sequence, there are plenty of ab exercises which can be undertaken at home by anyone, no matter what their current level of fitness – although it is always advisable to seek medical advice before embarking on a new exercise programme.

Sometimes simple ad equipment like sit up benches can be good and don’t have to cost a fortune either.

Of course, to improve your health, you need to combine regular exercise with a good, healthy diet as crunching your abs and then eating doughnuts will not get you the results you are seeking, no matter how hard you try!

So if you are looking to add in some regular ab exercises to your existing fitness routine then check out these simple moves which can be done anywhere at any time

1. Twisted side move

Lie down on your left-hand side and rest your left elbow onto the floor – you will be leaning on your left forearm – so a side plank type position.

Twisted Side Move
Twisted Side Move

From here, put your right arm up behind your head. Move your upper body down towards the floor so your right elbow connects with your left hand. Don’t move your hips; create the movement by twisting your mid-torso.

Swap sides and repeat.

2. High plank running

Get onto your hands and knees and then raise your knees off the ground and push back on your feet, so your body is raised with your weight distributed across your hands and your feet. Make sure you are balanced and pull your navel in tight.

High Plank Running
High Plank Running

Make sure your neck and spine are neutral and keep your palms pressed to the floor. This is called the high plank position and features in some exercises outlined in this post.

Once in high plank position, pull your right knee under your body, keeping your toes off the ground, and then return your right foot back to where it was. Then do the same with your left leg. Bring your left knee in to your chest, with your foot off the floor, and back again.

Repeat this move, switching legs each time, as if you are running on the spot.

3. High to low plank

Get yourself into a high plank position as outlined above. Then bend one of your arms so you are leaning on your forearm and elbow, rather than the palm of your hand. Bring your other arm down into the same position.

High Low Plank
High Low Plank

Then push back up onto your hands, back into high plank position, one arm at a time. Repeat this movement, lowering each side alternately as you do so.

4. Lunges

Stand up with your feet apart, around hip-width. Then take a large step forward with your right food, bend your knees into a lunge position, and then twist your body across your right leg.

Alternating Forward Lunges
Alternating Forward Lunges

Step your right leg back, stand up again and then do the same with your left leg. Repeat this sequence, alternating between both legs.

5. Downward dog stretches

Get into the downward dog yoga position – this is where your hands and feet are on the floor and your body is in an upward V position with your hips pointing towards the ceiling.

Once in this position, lift your right leg upwards, and then move your right knee into your chest. Hold this position for a few seconds before extending the right leg out again.

Downward dog stretches
Downward dog stretches

Then lower your right knee to connect with your right elbow and hold for a few seconds before stretching your leg back out again.

Lastly, move your right knee in to connect with your left elbow. Pause and hold this position before extending your leg back out. Then bring your right leg back down into downward dog.

Repeat all of these movements using your left leg. Repeat in a sequence, alternating each side each time.

6. Walking plank

Get into a high plank position as explained above and make sure you are pulling your abs inwards. Then step across to the right side by moving your right foot and right hand, followed by your left foot and left hand. Take a few steps to the right, and then walk back to the left. Repeat this a few times on each side.

Walking plank
Walking plank

There are many easy exercises which you can do at home to help get the abs you are seeking – hopefully, the few outlined here will help go some way to getting you started.