All You Need to Know about Misfuelling petrol in Diesel or Diesel in Petrol Car

If there is one thing all the car owners agree upon, it is that wrong fuelling is a curse. Wrong fuelling involves filling the wrong type of fuel in the vehicle. Filling petrol in a diesel engine or diesel in a petrol engine falls under this category. Whatever the case may be, wrong fuelling can become frightening for the vehicle owner.

Putting wrong fuel in a car is terrifying in a sense that its recovery costs can lead you to break the Bank. Therefore, to acquire awareness about wrong fuelling is quite necessary. Below we have compiled all you need to know about wrong fuelling so that you do not suffer this disaster without caution.

Before we go into the details, let us take a look why does it occur and why this innocent looking mistake is so brutal in nature.

The Mystery behind the Occurrence of Wrong Fuelling

Wrong fuelling is something that is certainly not done deliberately. People get caught in such situations due to their own carelessness, mistake or misunderstanding while they are in some sort of a hurry. Moreover, drivers going through some kind of psychological instability or disturbance are also likely to commit this mistake.

There are few who fall into this trap thanks to some confusion. Although it looks like a teeny-weeny silly mistake, yet the upshot can be far-reaching and disastrous. Another reason for wrong fuelling is misunderstanding which may arise because of the signs at fuel pumps.

Whatever the reason might be, there is no controversy in the fact that wrong fuelling is a curse.

But why is it a Curse?

There are numerous aspects which can be included while counting the ills of wrong fuelling. For instance, no insurance corporation encompasses the expenses brought about by the act of wrong fuelling. It is common sense that why on earth would anyone pay you for your own blunders? Feeling angry about the insurance companies now? That’s natural.

Additionally, the outstanding charges that one has to pay for the recovery of the engine in the aftermath of wrong fuelling are shocking, but they vary. According to the wrong fuelling experts, the mutilation of the engine would be least if you comprehend the issue rapidly and realize your mistake. In such a case, you will only have to drain the wrong fuel out of the engine. Yet, this practice can cost you up to £500; the cost may vary in vehicle types.

Nonetheless, if being ignorant to the mistake, you unluckily start the engine of the vehicle right after wrong fuelling, things might go out of your hands. The ignition of the engines results in a flow of wrong fuel in the engine which ends up mixing with the right fuel. Now, the costs may incline sharply and may rise to a staggering £2000 or even more. However, this is for the recovery of the vehicle that was just started but not moved.

Finally, the most intense problems can show up when you are unfamiliar with your mistake and end up to start driving your vehicle. This negligence can cruelly damage the engine which may ultimately lead you to replace the engine. In such a case, the cost you will have to face might surge to a whopping £5000 to £10,000. It is pretty much evident that this hefty amount will bring a headache to you, especially in the absence of any support from the insurance company.

Most Common Types of Wrong Fuelling

Petrol and diesel are two of the most used fuel types around the world. Therefore, these two also involved in the most common types of wrong fuelling. These types are Petrol in diesel engine and Diesel in a petrol engine.

  • Petrol in a Diesel Engine

This is a kind of a mistake which is comparatively easier to make since the outlet of petrol filler is quite thin, and it easily fits the neck of diesel tanks. The filling of petrol in a diesel tank can bring about a hell lot of damage lot of damage to the diesel engine because diesel performs two tasks. It acts as a fuel and as a lubricant which aids the fuel pump in its working by minimizing the friction.

Thus, the mistake of putting petrol in diesel engine brutally mutilates the engine parts by increasing the friction among different parts of the engine. This friction, in turn, breaks apart the engine parts in a ruthless way. In most of the cases, the vehicle owner is forced to replace the engine.

  • Diesel in Petrol Engine

This type of mistake occurs less regularly because the nozzle of diesel filler is larger than the neck of petrol tanks. Yet, many cases are reported daily about the occurrence of such sort of mistakes.

In terms of severity, putting diesel in petrol tanks is less costly than putting petrol in a diesel engine. The reason being a stark difference between the working of petrol engines and diesel engines.

Petrol engines are started by the ignition carried out by the spark plugs. Therefore, the filling of diesel in a petrol engine hinders the reach of petrol to spark plugs and ends up reducing the working of the fuel system. This phenomenon stalls the engine which renders the vehicle unable to start. It takes quite some time and money for the petrol engine to recover.

How to React In Case of Wrong Fuelling?

It is imperative to know what to do in case of wrong fuelling. Bear in mind that as soon as you commit this mistake, you got to act as soon as possible to diminish the aftereffects of the mistake. The first thing you must do is to terminate whatever you are doing at once. This termination means that if you identify the slip-up while filling wrong fuel, terminate filling at once.

Contrarily, if you have already filled the tank and planning to start the engine, stop again and forget putting the key in the ignition. However, if you are already driving the vehicle, put pressure on the break and park the automobile on the roadside. Afterward, make a call to some professional wrong fuelling service for help.

Wrong fuelling service providers are usually adept at their work, and they know exactly what to do and how to do. Until their arrival, you must keep the engine of the vehicle off and wait for them patiently.

How to Escape Wrong Fuelling?

It is always easier said than done, however, if you are truly willing to prevent wrong fuelling, you will have to take special care of it. Experts suggest a number of precautionary methods you can follow to dodge such an awkward situation.

  • First of all, they suggest that while visiting the fuel station for refilling your vehicle tank, be attentive and alert so that you kill the chance of wrong fuelling at the start.
  • Secondly, experts suggest the usage of fuel-specific nozzles which allow only the right fuel by fitting into the right neck. These nozzles are easily available in the market. Thirdly, do not get confused while parking your car in front of the right fuel filler because of the chances of wrong fuelling increase manifold by parking in front of the wrong fuel filler.
  • You can make sure you stop in front of the right fuel filler by looking at the fuel signs or reading the banners. This might seem silly but holds great importance, and you can confirm its significance with people who have filled wrong fuel in their vehicle at least once.
  • Usually, drivers depend only on the color of the pipe in order to decide the fuel type. Doing so, they seem to neglect the act of reading the signs and end up putting the wrong fuel. Therefore, make sure you read the tag signifying the fuel type.
  • It is also suggested to keep in mind if you when you shift from a diesel car to a petrol car or a petrol car to a diesel one. What happens is that you get used to your old car and forget while putting fuel in the new car. It is advised that you should keep some sort of reminders in your car.
  • When you enter the premises of the fuel station, forget everything else and just concentrate on refilling your fuel tank. Make sure your memories or tensions do not affect your decision making at the fuel station. Therefore, try to either stay active-minded or avoid refilling.

Indications of Wrong Fuelling

Sometimes, even after filling the wrong fuel, one does not realize it. However, there are a few signs that arise in case of wrong fuelling. Therefore, if you happen to find yourself driving your car after refueling from a fuel station and face the under-mentioned signs, stop the vehicle at once.

  • One of the most initial signs of wrong fuelling is that the engine will refuse to be started. This thing usually occurs when diesel is filled in a petrol engine. Diesel weakens the capability of spark plugs to trigger a spark. Or the engine can get turned off at once while driving.
  • Another sign that you might face in case of wrong fuelling is engine misfiring. When an engine misfires, it frequently misses in the process of its ignition sequence which ultimately results in the increased roughness of the engine, and it starts producing jerks. These signs are pretty clear to let you know what went wrong.
  • A smoky exhaust can also be a vivid indication of wrong fuelling. In case you observe a sudden release of smoke in abnormal quantities from the exhaust pipe after a refueling, be aware because it is one of the clearest signs of wrong fuelling. The reason for this excessive smoking is that the wrong fuel corrodes the internal parts of the engine and causes extreme damage.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wrong Fuelling

There is no denying the fact that humans are prone to making mistakes. However, the good in this bad is that mistakes are the best opportunities to learn. Since wrong fuelling is also a mistake, it also offers a great understanding of how things work in engines. Those who have been through such a situation have advised others what to do and what not to do in case of wrong fuelling.

Dos of Wrong Fuelling

Following are the measure you must carry out or acts you must do in the case of wrong fuelling in order to avoid added distress.

  • The first thing you should do after realizing your mistake is avoiding further mutilation of the engine. How you do it is by reacting fast and stopping your car and turning off the engine.
  • The other step you should take in such a situation is to immediately call the nearest wrong fuelling assistance provider. You can make use of your mobile phone’s internet connection.
  • Finally, the last thing you will have to do is wait until the assistance arrives. They might ask you to perform a few steps for the safety of your engine till their arrival. Do those acts and leave everything as it is and let the wrong fuelling experts do rest of the work.

Don’ts of Wrong Fuelling

  • Do not panic. Because panicking causes the brain to stop working at its best. This can lead you to commit more mistakes. Calm yourself down and analyze the situation. Try to investigate the extent of the damage and do not make hasty decisions.
  • If you comprehend your mistake just after wrong fuelling, do not start the engine at all. Do not even put the key into the ignition because it may lead you to start the vehicle absent-mindedly.
  • Another thing you should not do is trying to fix the engine if you are not a professional engine mechanic. Even if you are an expert engine mechanic, wrong fuel is drained out of the engine with specific equipment, which you will obviously not be having at that time. Wrong fuelling service professionals come with all the equipment required. Therefore, do not try to prove yourself an engine geek.