We all have heard of the evil witch who used to question her mirror about her beauty. We all know of Cleopatra and her luxurious beauty aids. Many times I’ve tried postulating lists and recipes of beauty techniques round the world. I often gather these ancient and modern ‘beauty’ secrets and my brother whose sole aim in life is to get more rugged and lift heavier every day often mocks at me for it. No beauty product is going to slather beauty on me, as he feedbacks me. But all the products do get the privilege of being tried and used by him. What exactly is the reason behind him mocking ‘my’ beauty products but using them nonetheless? Your grin says it all. Just like every man out there, he is conscious of his appearance but not comfortable in asking. While some of these are personal choices, some are quintessential for men and should be well taken care of.

  1. Dry and chapped lips:

Men love women with well maintained, and sculpted lips and what they love more is competing and striving to prove themselves better. While they love being better, they don’t mind falling back when it comes to maintenance. Men often dress up well, groom their hair even better, get a charming beard style and loads of mannerisms, but they seldom look after moisturizing. The worst sufferer in the case is ‘lips.’ No beauty routine or presentation is complete without them, and no man is handsome without them.

How to maintain the lips without really having to maintain?

  1. Go for Argan Oil and start using it as your moisturiser, or just mix some in your shower gel. No chapped, dry or sunburnt skin stands in front of it and it is tad better than any of the moisturising products available in the market.
  2. Hydrate yourself well and don’t go short on Vitamins. If you find eating healthy tough, which we all actually do, begin by adding one bowl of health with every meal. Add juices, nuts, and seeds to your diet. You don’t have to give up on anything, just add healthy things. Once the positive effects start oozing out, they themselves become your motivation and addiction. Just begin, and the beginning itself will take care of most.
  3. Bulging Tummy and sagging chest:

Every individual, man or woman, should work out. Working out keeps your mind and body healthy, inculcates self-control and discipline, detoxes your body, makes you look good, adds a glow to the skin, prevents millennium of ailments and diseases and also releases endorphins. Endorphins boost the happiness level and help in getting rid of anxiety. Don’t aim at looking good, aim for being good. Inside and out. That’s what true beauty really is.

Sweat the insecurities out:

  1. Begin going for a run. If you don’t like going alone, get yourself a pet or a friend. Excuses are plenty but run your way towards achieving.
  2. Get a gym membership and commit yourself towards you.
  3. The innocuous body odor:  I genuinely don’t hate anything more in the world as much as my brother’s smelling socks or clothes. There can’t be anything worse than that in a man. It just doesn’t show how lagging you’re in hygiene department but also speaks of your carelessness and self-esteem. People who are highly esteemed take a good care of them, and my mother always said if you get problems with esteem or building yourself up, focus on organizing and maintaining your things. They, in return, will stitch you up.

Break up with the unpleasant odour:

  1. Use an antibacterial body wash, or add a few drops of tea tree oil to your existing one.
  2. Use a good smelling deodorant or perfume and kindly don’t bath in it.
  3. Take a shower every day. Yes, please.
  4. The foul smelling mouth: Mouthwashes and mouth sprays are essentials. If you have a bad breath or related oral problems, please take care of that. Your charisma or pleasing personality is not going to mask it favorably well. Weaknesses or drawbacks are not there in life to axe your confidence, but they are present so that you can work on them.

Moving on from the bad breath:

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day. Floss at least once and visit your dentist regularly.
  2. Chew mint or parsley. Also, take a healthy diet that includes green leafy vegetables like spring vegetables which enhance the taste.
  3. Invest in a quality mouthwash.
  4. Sagging, dry and wrinkled skin: Yes, we do care about your skin. Your manliness and ruggedness is in no way connected to poor quality and health of your skin. A gentleman’s ruggedness is never out of fashion. And so is his hygiene and maintenance. A girl does love a firm man but only who knows about being gentle with her. Don’t let your skin inhibit your interpersonal relationships. Now, I don’t mean that only a man with good skin gets loved. What I mean is that life is short, and in that short duration, take good care of yourself and your belongings. We as people inspire the ones around us. Don’t lead them towards unhygienic practices.

Making your skin glow:

  1. Use rosehip oil as a stay-on treatment at night and watch all the scars, dryness and wrinkles vanish. You can also use essential oil like Argan Oil and have silky skin without much effort.
  2. Shower regularly and use a loofah for exfoliation. Moisturise your skin as per its requirement.

Guys, don’t mistake taking care of you as being feminine. There are seriously other aspects you can work on for asserting your manhood.

Sincerely, your better halves.

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Sara O Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper. She is passionate about traveling and cooking.