The great thing about rhinoplasty services today is that surgeons can accomplish more with fewer risks. Transformations that were not possible even a few decades ago are now possible and certainly safer. Are you a candidate for some type of nose job? If any of these four reasons apply to you, it’s worth making an appointment and talking with a professional.

You Don’t Like the Shape

Overall, you like your face. The one exception is your nose. The shape doesn’t seem to fit in as far as you are concerned. Would a little work to alter the shape be in line? If you choose to consult with Kristina Zakhary, Kristina Zakhary, a plastic surgeon in Calgary, it won’t take long to determine what can be done and have some idea of what results to expect.

You Believe That Your Nose is Too Long

It’s not the shape of your nose that makes you feel a little self-conscious. Instead, it’s the fact that you consider it to be a little too long. Would your features seem more in proportion if your nose was shortened? Choosing to meet with a professional who offers rhinoplasty services will provide an answer. Thanks to computer technology, the professional can take the results of the examination and create images that give you an idea of what the work would to in terms of altering your profile. If you like what you see and there are no medical reasons to not undergo the procedure, it can be scheduled for the next available date.

You Feel That Your Nose is Too Short

Perhaps your concern is the opposite. Instead of a nose that you believe is too long, your nose is shorter than you would like. There are ways to deal with that situation as well. A professional like Kristina Zakhary, plastic surgeon in Calgary can examine your nose, discuss how to go about reshaping the length and width while still keeping everything in proportion to the rest of your face, and basically provide an idea of how the work would be done. As with any cosmetic procedure, you can see computer-enhanced images that provide a good idea of what your face will look like once the work is done and you are completely healed.

You Need Reconstructive Work After an Accident

While many people turn to rhinoplasty services because they want to change something about their noses, there are times when the decision is more about undoing damage caused by an accident. If you’ve faced this situation, then you know how important it can be to you physically and emotionally to undergo some type of cosmetic restoration. Once the work is done, and the healing is complete, there won’t be a reminder of the accident looking back at you in the bathroom mirror every morning.

There are more reasons to consider rhinoplasty. If you think your features would be enhanced with a little work, now is the time to call Kristina Zakhary, plastic surgeon in Calgary and schedule an appointment. After undergoing an examination, it will be easier to explain the options and ensure you have all the information needed to make a decision that’s right for you.

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