Even homes that are equipped with residential fire sprinkler systems should have additional fire safety equipment on hand. The goal is to provide the homeowner with resources that make it easier to contain a fire while also giving family members more time to get out of the house if necessary. Here are a few examples of equipment you should purchase for the home today.

Safety Guards

You may think of safety guards as something that would apply more to construction or commercial site and less to the home. In fact, there are guards that help to minimize the potential for a fire to get out of control.

For example, the right type of screen in front of the fireplace helps to prevent embers from popping out and landing on something that may be flammable. At the same time, it also prevents family members from being burned.

There are other sorts of barriers that would work if you have a fire pit on the patio or in the backyard. They will make it easier to enjoy the fire while containing it at the same time.

Fire Extinguishers

While safety guards are great for containing fires that you intend to start, what about fires that are accidents? Always keep fire extinguishers in strategic places around the house. If someone should accidentally start a fire in the kitchen or any other room, there’s the opportunity to put it out quickly. Remember that the contents of the extinguisher will effectively deal with fires that could not be put out by an overhead sprinkler system.

Fire Alarms

You want smoke and fire alarms that will alert everyone in the home that some type of blaze has developed. Even when homes are equipped with residential fire sprinkler systems, alarms will deploy precious seconds before the sprinklers start working. Those are seconds that everyone can use to get out of the house and minimize the risk of injury.

Fire Blankets

You may not have heard of fire blankets for home use, just as you never considered the idea of using safety guards in and around the home. The blankets can be used in more than one way, and you should know both of them.

These blankets can provide some protection from a fire. Grabbing one and covering up with it as you make your way to an exit reduces the risk of being burned. A blanket can also be used to extinguish a small fire by depriving it of oxygen. It pays to keep one in each bedroom as well as one in the kitchen.

Along with residential fire sprinkler systems, what else can be done to improve your home fire safety measures? Start with this list and go from there. Ask a professional for more suggestions. Before you know it, you will have everything that you need to protect you, your family, and the home from a fire.

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