So, your birthday is around the corner, and you want to do something different this year. After all, birthdays are special occasions that call for celebration with friends and family.

If you haven’t decided on a venue for your birthday party and don’t want the monotony of celebrating it at home yet again, why not consider having a yacht party in Newport Beach?

California boasts a sprawling coastline and Newport Beach is one place that always bustles with activity. Yachting is the best way to experience an enticing blend of a lavish lifestyle and thrilling adventure in the form of snorkeling, whale watching, paddle boarding and lots more.

Renting a yacht for hosting your birthday party in Newport Beach, CA is a wonderful idea and did you know that hiring a state-of-the-art one is not a luxury you cannot afford anymore? It’s time to look beyond the ordinary and discover the joys of a unique celebration, ensuring you create fond memories that will last a lifetime.

Let’s take a quick look at the nine reasons for renting a yacht for an amazing birthday celebration. Hold on to your seats for you’re going to feel an adrenaline rush reading these!

  1. Perfect Way to Escape the City Humdrum into the World of Absolute Bliss!

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and surround yourself with your loved ones amid the tranquil surroundings of the sea.

It’s time to unleash your fun side. Get into the swimsuit, smear generous amounts of sunscreen and get into the groove with the gang!

That’s what we call a fantastic way to bring on the celebration.

  1. Unique Experience That Will Ring in Your Head Even Years After

Celebrating a birthday on a yacht is not just memorable for you but also for your guests. Take time out to chalk out your requirement, and you can find a yacht suiting your tastes whether you need a yacht rental for a long night birthday party or a big size one to accommodate a large group.

Your guests will love the experience and remember it for their entire life.

celebration birthday party on luxury yacht charter California

  1. You Get All the Attention You Deserve

A yacht lets you have your private space and the kind of exhilarating hospitality you get is like you are the owner of the yacht for the period that you have rented it.

You get to call the shots for the menu, decoration, and recreation and your big occasion is precisely the time when you can live life king size.

  1. Capture the Scenic Beauty with Mind-blowing Photography

The scenic beauty is amazing in the deep blue waters of the sea, pristine shores or the drama in a busy port.

Quite a haven for photography lovers, a yacht ride provides ever-changing background views from azure skies and buzzing harbor to the illuminated skyline and coastal treasures.

An absolute delight for selfie lovers and an excellent opportunity of capturing your best profile with nature’s mesmerizing beauty as the backdrop!

  1. A Luxurious Load of Style When You Rent a Yacht for Birthday Party in Newport Beach, CA

When you rent a yacht on Newport Beach, you are all set for a luxurious experience that will exemplify your true class. You have probably only seen all the jazz in movies so far, and it will be overwhelming to experience it in your own life.

A birthday celebration on the yacht creates a distinct statement of style and will uplift your energy levels like never-before!

  1. Scrumptious Fare Blending An Interesting Medley of Flavors

Great food, vintage champagne, and smooth wine are the perfect ingredients for a birthday party. And, when you celebrate on a yacht, you have a personal chef and his team at your beck and call.

Chalk out the menu to him, and he will make sure you get your favorites served with just the right flavors you prefer. Your guests will love to dig into the varieties, and they will look forward to taking a cue or two out of your chef’s recipe book.

Mega Yacht charter rentals Newport Beach, California

  1. Endless Entertainment Unrestricted. Dance the Night Away!

When you rent a yacht for your birthday party in Newport Beach, CA there are no holds barred on your entertainment. There will not be any angry neighbors taking offense at the loud music you play or a predestined time by when your party must compulsorily end.

Whatever the time of the day or night, you can groove to your favorite beats played by your DJ and dance away in gay abandon.

  1. A Luxury That’s Not Really Out of Bounds Any More

If you thought renting a yacht at a cheap rate for your birthday party is impossible, think again!

Generally, rates vary as per the package you choose, and if you’re lucky, you may get to avail an exciting offer that’s too good to believe. If budget is a constraint, consider renting a yacht for a limited number of hours and not an entire day.

  1. A Setting You Can Never Really Conjure Elsewhere. Unmatched Ambience!

When you sail on a private rental yacht to celebrate your birthday party in Newport Beach, CA, you do it in a breathtaking setting that is bound to give you a feel of heaven on earth.

In an indoor birthday bash, your eyes are confined to the décor and illumination setting which remain a constant. In a moving yacht, you witness changing landscapes and a scintillating ambiance around you, whether you are celebrating in the daylight or under the starry skies.

“Sounds good”! I Want to Celebrate my Birthday on a Yacht. How Much Will I Have to Shell Out?

The cost of a yacht depends on the size and age of the vessel, location where you’re sailing and the crew you want on board. The cost grows proportionately with the size of the yacht.

The age of a yacht is equally an important consideration for an old yacht is more prone to wear and tear and will need frequent maintenance. New yachts that are less than six years old are more expensive than the older ones.

Location is another vital consideration simply because some places in the world are more expensive than others. The yacht type matters as well for the motor-driven ones are dearer than the sailing kind. If you want to cut down on the cost, you can keep things modest with just limited crew on board.

The prices vary from one charter operator to another, but they usually keep the afore-mentioned pointers in consideration before arriving at an estimate of the final cost. Some extras may come into play too such as deposit, amenities, and insurance and these could well be responsible for inflating the price.

Parting Thoughts   

So, what are you waiting for? Charter a yacht today for a birthday celebration that you will remember for a lifetime. Why not surprise your loved one by making the best arrangements for a dream celebration of his or her birthday on the yacht. The perfect way to paint the canvas of your loved one’s mind with fond memories that will last a lifetime!