Russia is a huge country, offering tourists and visitors a diverse set of experiences in terms of geography, culture, and food. Stretching from its Siberian province on the Pacific in the east to the great cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg on the Black and Adriatic seas in the west, Russia is the largest country on Earth. Moreover, because of its latitude, the country has also some of the coldest places on Earth. Read on to know more about the various seasons that are most suitable for Russia tours and what they each have to offer:

  • Summer

As notorious as the country is for its cold winters, summers are actually quite warm, especially in the cities of Moscow and St.Petersburg. Temperatures may rival those of Mediterranean countries, and all the barren birch trees come to be bursting with leaves and flowers. The midsummer white nights in the northern city of St Petersburg are also a huge draw as the sun does not set at all, causing a perpetual state of perpetual daylight.

The summers are a great season to travel the length and breadth of the country, and if you want to go to some of the least accessible areas in the world in Siberia, summer is perhaps the best time. The Victory Day Parade at the Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow on May 9th and the White Nights Festival in St Petersburg throughout the month of June are perhaps the best highlights of summer in Russia.

  • Autumn

Autumns are a really short affair in Russia, but they are a good time to visit the country if you are looking to avoid the crowds, especially in major cities. The autumns are marked by sudden brisk temperatures, as most trees turn into golden shadows by the end of September and October. Autumn is certainly a very romantic time to visit the country, and the first snows are a celebrated affair. The Kremlin Cup in Moscow is an autumn tennis meet that is attended by thousands of locals and tourists.

  • Winters

The winters in Russia are really cold, but the scenic snow-clad landscapes of Siberia attract a lot of tourists. Also, a major source of attraction during winters for tourists visiting the country is the wide array of winter sports that you can engage in, in Siberia and elsewhere in Russia.

Ski resorts in and around the northern cities of St Petersburg and Sochi (which was the site of the Winter Olympics recently) are especially full of thrill-seeking tourists. As the snow melts during the months of February and March, Russian spring reveals an array of beautiful flowers that can be seen in lawns in cities as well as rural Russia.

The Russian cities are a beautiful escape for tourists seeking a reconnection with nature and culture at the same time. There are several great modes by which one can cover Russia, such as the Trans-Siberian rail line and river cruises between Moscow and St. Petersburg. So if you always wanted to visit Russia, the best time to visit the place is now!